We want to take this opportunity to thank Clay Funeral Home, Rand Advertising, Earth's Bounty Natural Foods & Health Store and the Stewart Lord Memorial Historical Society and Museums for underwriting the cost of us bringing photos and videos of the 2007 celebration to you. Happy Birthday America!

Attendance May Have Been A Record!

July 4 - With blue skies and warm temperatures, Burlington drew what may have been the largest crowd to witness their 4th of July Parade today. With estimates of over 1000 people enjoying the holiday in Burlington, if it wasn't the largest turnout, it certainly was one of biggest in recent memory. The parade also may have set a record for length! We clocked it at 20 minutes exactly - going one way!

Connie and I started our visit with a pancake breakfast at The Tavern and it was all "uphill" from there!! Soda, cotton candy, homemade donuts and hot dogs!! A grand time was had by all, I can assure you, and the following pictures will attest to that. And, as an added treat - Connie video taped the entire parade for your viewing enjoyment. We can't wait till next year, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy my collection of over 160 photos of the festivities along with Connie's video of the parade.

-Lee Rand

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Parade Trivia
This year's Burlington 4th of July parade Grand Marshall rode at the head of the parade in Cliff Barker's 1923 model-T Ford, bought in 1944 for $100. Maximum speed was 40 mph! This very same car has been in the Burlington 4th of July parade every year since 1978. The picture is circa 1944. On the right is Cliff in his car shortly after it was purchased. In the rear seat are his brother Bruce, Chester Clark and Cliff's dog Trixie.  Standing behind the car are Cliff's father Perry Barker and Paul Clark. Cliff drove the car for two years prior to entering the Army Air Force in 1946 and putting the car into storage. It was removed from storage in 1969 when Cliff retired from the US Air Force.
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