Lincoln's Christmas Events 2006


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Christmastime is here again! Like we did last year, Connie and I have been covering/photographing the area festivities throughout the holiday season starting after Thanksgiving. Within hours of the event(s) we had online for your enjoyment lots of colorful photographs. Last year's coverage was well received and this year, with many more regular viewers, the response from "children" of all ages has been even better. Connie and I hope these photographs have added to your enjoyment of the season through this Web site!! We hope you will patronize the local businesses who through their sponsorship made this section of our Web site possible this year. Santa assured us he'll be back again next year, and so will we!



Lee & Connie Rand

Merry Christmas!
 The above cards are from Lee's private collection.

The Boy Scouts sell Christmas trees to help fund club activities.

Penobscot Valley Hospital's "Tree of Lights".

Christmas morning in downtown Lincoln


December 22 - Santa made his last visit to Lincoln this evening before his "big" day that begins Sunday night (EST). The Greater Lincoln Lakes Chamber of Commerce was host to the event at their office in the Wal-Mart parking lot on West Broadway. Cheri Archer, Chamber Office Manager, arranged the setting for Kris to hear any last minute requests from area youngsters. A number of children of all ages took the opportunity to have their picture taken with the "jolly fellow" as you can see from some of the photos I took. In a brief audience with Santa, he told me how much he enjoyed his "job" and how wonderful the children in the Lincoln area have been. That's one of the reasons he visits our area so much during the Christmas season, he confided. He said he never tires of meeting with and talking to children everywhere.

Come next week, he's looking to spend quality time with Mrs. Claus. Does he ever take a real vacation? Well, yes, in fact, he might take a trip to Alaska next year. "Never been there just to visit", he said with a gleam in his eye. Took a second to realize what he actually meant. A good laugh was had by us both, then I wished him a Merry Christmas and said good-bye for this year. Soon he was engulfed by several children as Connie and I made our way to our car. May we always keep the child in us alive - all year long!

- Lee Rand


December 22 - Santa paid a visit early Friday morning to the postal workers at the local Post Office on Fleming Street here in Lincoln to say "thank you" for all their help in getting his mail through to him this Christmas season. Many area children send their Christmas wishes to Santa at the North Pole via the USPS and it's very important that he receive them all. Postmaster Tom Whitney invited us to drop by too so, of course, we took a few photos of the visit. We also thought this might be a good opportunity for you to see the many postal workers who are part of our Post Office system here in Lincoln. You know they must be doing a good job if Santa makes a special visit at his busiest time of the year! So, here's Santa and many of those who work so hard throughout the year to deliver the mail! Afterwards, Santa shared some Christmas goodies with the crew.


December 21 - Santa paid a visit to Colonial Health Care to brighten the holidays for the residents of the nursing home. Our photographer was there to take his picture! While we were there, we thought we'd show you the beautiful pink and silver Christmas tree in the lobby.


December 15 - To the surprise and delight of the children gathered at McDonald's tonight, jolly "ole" St. Nick suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere!! Within minutes he was surrounded by cheery-eyed children eager to make their Christmas dreams known to Kris Kringle aka Santa Claus. I was there to witness the fun occasion and just happened to have my trusty camera with me, not to forget to mention my wife too! See I'm a good boy! Anyway, here are a couple snapshots I took this evening before other duties called Connie and me away for the evening. But I could swear I heard him exclaim to us as we leaving his sight, "A Merry Christmas to you both and to you both a jolly good night!".

- Lee Rand

December 14 - A festive crowd of around 300 "youngsters" welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Claus to their annual Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch and Bingo at the K of C Hall in South Lincoln early this afternoon. The "holiday spirit" was very much in evidence at this event, which has been a tradition here for at least 25 years! Folks started arriving shortly after 11am and soon the hall was close to being filled. Lunch was cooked by the kitchen crew and served to the guests by about 20 students from the Howland area Middle School. During the meal and social time the attendees were featured to some holiday and gospel tunes by "Jennie & Friends" - a nice touch that enhanced everyone's enjoyment of the occasion.

I want to make special mention of someone who was there this afternoon. Major Patrick Boss, who has served 2 tours of duty in Iraq fighting the enemies of freedom so we won't have to fight them here, accompanied his father, Ralph, and mother, Doris, to the holiday event. It was an honor to talk with him and be able to thank him for his service to his country.

After desert was served, at about 1:15, Santa and the Mrs made their entry to much excitement and applause. A fun time soon ensued as they took their places at the stage end of the hall to give out gifts "to all the good little boys and girls".

The punch was very good, btw, and here's a few photos I took for posterity! Hope you like them- till next year!!

-Lee Rand

Click here for the complete collection of photos from the parade and tree lighting ceremony!


December 8 -

Despite temperatures in the teens, winds gusting to 35mph and wind chills around zero, Mr & Mrs Claus were ushered into town with the "Carnival of Lights" parade this evening to a large crowd of partly frozen onlookers. In fact, there were at least twice as many spectators this year than last! There was singing and holiday music to add to everyone's enjoyment. Cars were parked all along West Broadway and Main Street and the whole scene was packed with kids of all ages. A great time! What a fun evening!

The holiday parade consisting of over a dozen floats started its trip to the Lincoln Christmas Tree, located on Main Street, at about 5 pm from the Hannaford parking lot on West Broadway. Connie was located by the Lincoln Public Library and I was on Main street to photograph the annual event. The day started with a 3-inch snowfall, which only added to the festive holiday atmosphere as the town gathered to officially usher in the 2006 Christmas season. Here for your enjoyment is a pictorial display of the parade, tree lighting and various sights and scenes from downtown Lincoln this evening. Connie and I are home thawing out......

Lee Rand

Main Street in Lincoln.


December 5 -

The Town crew braved chilly temps in the low 20's, snow squalls and uncooperative light bulbs on Tuesday as they strung up the lights on the trees and bushes at the Mini-Mail in downtown Lincoln in preparation for the Lincoln Town Christmas tree lighting this coming Friday evening. The Town Gazebo was also decorated as you can see in some of the photos below.

They do a great job each year and you'll really be able to appreciate their efforts even more come this Friday and throughout the holiday season. I didn't hang around too long as the wind chill temperature was only about 11 above zero, but I did manage to get you some shots of their work. See ya all Friday evening


December 3 - Whoever said "Christmas is only for children" didn't know what they were talking about!! The LP& T annual Christmas party was held this afternoon AND it was a jolly time for kids of ALL ages!! Over 220+ children and their parents, grandparents and others were there. The youngest attendee was 3 months old (as far as we could find out) and the oldest, well, that was Santa, of course! And we all know he's very very OLD.....

The party was sponsored by LP & T and Local Union #4-396, and I must say the committee that organized this event did a FANTASTIC job. Connie and I were both impressed, and we both want to say thank you for allowing us to photograph the fun. The party started around 2pm with Shelly Shedd telling the children, gathered around the stage at the MA Cafetorium, the true Christmas story. Santa AND Mrs. Claus entered the room at about 2:15 and proceeded to their places of honor to give out gifts to all the good little boys and girls.

The gym was opened for all sorts of fun and games and Tigger, SpongeBob SquarePants, Bob The Builder, Dora The Explorer, Blue The Dog and Rudolph The Reindeer mingled among the crowd, much to the enjoyment of everyone. It was evident that this was truly a festive occasion enjoyed by all. We're already looking forward to next year!

Of special note is the little known fact that Santa granted me and Mr. Van Scotter a brief audience to plead our cases for this Christmas. I don't know if we were successful or not, but at least I got a photo out of it!!

Speaking of photos, CLICK HERE for over 70 photographs that we took this afternoon. We narrowed it down to these from almost 400 taken! We hope you enjoy seeing them and hopefully we got you in some of them. We know we got Santa! Even the photographer got caught in one!

-Lee Rand


December 2 - Santa arrived in Lincoln to another sold-out crowd of eager youngsters and children of all ages today as they gathered at the MA cafetorium to enjoy an annual tradition here in Lincoln - "breakfast with Santa". Mrs. Claus was in attendance too, but kept a VERY low profile. Although the doors to the event opened at 9 am, people started lining up shortly after 8 to assure themselves of a good seat. When we arrived around 8 am, Santa's elves were busy setting everything up real nice and Donnie Worcester already had the kitchen crew cooking away!

Santa arrived around 9:15 , slowed down a little by the lack of snow in the area. Saint Nick made a grand entrance and you could see the excitement just explode on the children's faces as they realized "he" had arrived! Was that a new suit Santa was wearing this year??

Santa soon made his way through the crowd to his place of honor on the stage where Steve Ruhl, again this year, was ready to photograph Kris with the many children who quickly lined up to have their chance to talk with the man of the hour. Through the morning, holiday music was provided by the MA Chorus and Flip The Clown entertained everyone with his antics. By the way, he's a good juggler too! Radio station Z107.3 was also on hand this morning to report on the event. Everyone seemed to really enjoy being there. And I should mention that the pancakes were VERY good. Connie and I took over 400 photographs(!), many of which are shown here.

Kris Kringle, aka Santa Claus, will be making several appearances in the Lincoln area before the big night arrives. One such appearance will be in the Lincoln "Festival of Lights" Christmas parade next Friday night starting at 5 pm followed by the lighting of the Lincoln Christmas Tree.
Connie and I had a great time, and we think you all did too!, so now, see if you're in the pictures!!

- Lee Rand

Click here for more photos of the Breakfast With Santa!

"The Christmas Tree That Almost Wouldn't!"

November 28 - It was, and is, a beautiful tree! And, it's going to look even better after it gets its lights on Friday, December 8. But, this Tuesday afternoon it just did not want to cooperate when the town crew went to put it up in Monument Square downtown. The hole was there to put the tree in, the tree was there but it DID NOT want to go into the hole that was prepared for it! Well, it had to go into the hole for support, so after an hour or so it was finally convinced to cooperate and the mighty Christmas Tree finally stood upright and proud in its new home in downtown Lincoln. Here we have 4 pictures of the process it took:

Friday evening after the annual Christmas parade delivers Santa to the scene, this tree will be brilliantly lit for the upcoming Christmas season. Don't miss the fun and festivities this Friday evening!! The parade starts at 5:30 at Hannaford's parking lot and ends downtown. Santa will be there! Mrs. Claus will be there! We hope you'll be there! And, Connie and I will be there to photograph the festivities, and we'll post the pictures online here for your viewing later Friday evening! Love this time of year, don't you? :-)