June 12, 2006

In 1929, the wife of recently deceased Dr. Dana Fellows published his in-depth history of the Town of Lincoln. How many copies were actually printed, we don't know, but it is quite rare. This book is a treasure trove for those who care about and study the history of our area. The publishing rights to this work have long ago moved to the public domain. We at www.lincolnmaine.us have obtained a near mint copy of this book. Because of the interest, and the accurate information associated with this book, we intend to make the whole work available here - ten pages at a time - until the complete volume is online. There's quite a bit of work involved in doing this (along with the rest of this web site). Click on the menu below to begin exploring this wonderful book!

Our ten-page installments will be in PDF format. You'll need Adobe Reader, which you probably already have, to read the files. If you need to download it, it's available free here.

Starting July 2, we're making available ten more pages of The History of Lincoln each Sunday. The LINCOLN MAINE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION has agreed to fund this project!!! Their commitment to our community and its historical heritage is commendable. They recently funded the current renovations to the "Little Red School House" too.

Lee & Connie

"As a local history buff and family genealogist, thank you very much for making Fellows' History of Lincoln available to the entire community. A recent search to Barnes and Nobles last week indicated only one available copy - for $120.

To your online customers: Because this $120 price range is not for the common Lincoln folk looking at winter gas prices, etc and one book would be owned by one person, I challenge/suggest everyone enjoying, downloading or reading Fellows to contribute a donation ($10, $25....) to Lee and Connie. Without them, we would not be able have such easy access to Fellows and a piece of our common hometown history.

Again thank you. I am among those who owe you."

- Dottie Harding,

(As much as we'd like to answer e-mails such as this on-line, it is our policy not to do so, but we certainly value EVERY comment e-mailed to us or registered on our Guest Book.-Lee & Connie)

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