May 10, 2006

At 5:05 PM, the long-awaited arrival of the 75-ton dryer drum for LP& T's new tissue machine arrived here in Lincoln, with a State Police escort. Coming down Route 6/Lee Road, the drum was met by a couple hundred area residents and a very happy Keith van Scotter, President and CEO of Lincoln Paper and Tissue. Our photographer was there to photograph AND film the event. Despite the dreary, overcast, drizzly weather, the mood was quite festive as people began gathering shortly before 5 PM to await the arrival. Numerous people were taking pictures, and along with a film crew from MPBN also captured the occasion. This drum is a vital component of the new tissue machine being built at LP&T, and its arrival will go a long way to ensure the viability of the mill down the road.

Below is a series of photographs taken by our photographer, Lee Rand, this afternoon. We would like to thank Mr. van Scotter for taking a few moments to talk with Lee, and we appreciate his kind comments concerning this Web site. We would also like to thank Thornton Brothers for giving us a unique vantage point to take some of these photographs that you'll be looking at, and also we'd like to thank Rhonda at LP&T for updating us as we were waiting for the drum's arrival. I'm sure we can speak for the residents of this area when we say we're very optimistic about the future of this mill under the leadership of van Scotter, and this is one more sign of a great new beginning. And, that's what we call Nice News!

Click on the photos for a larger view!