Squeak Stories

The Squeaks have told us some tales, and from time to time we'll present some of them here on the official Maine Tree Squeak portion of our site. You should come back again soon, and tell your kids to bookmark these pages. The Squeaks like to have fun, and they are up to something now, I just know they are. They'll be coming around soon with some more stories.

The Squeaks Take a Holiday

By Connie Rand, with help from the Tree Squeaks

One day the Squeak family decided to visit relatives who lived in a big beech tree on the other side of the pond. Now Squeaks can travel through the trees very quickly when they want to, but there were a LOT of trees between their home and their destination. Some of their children were quite small, and would have to be carried most of the way. They needed a more convenient mode of transportation.

The Squeaks decided to see if there was a moose on their side of the pond. They dropped out of the branches at the shore to see who was around. Marvin, a large bull moose, was enjoying his breakfast of pond weeds, flapping his big ears to keep away the flies. Papa Squeak hollered, "Hey Marvin! Are you by any chance going to the other side of the pond anytime soon?"

Marvin chewed thoughtfully for a few minutes, and then he said, "Well, there is a really nifty cow moose over there I've been meaning to visit. Why do you ask?"

Papa Squeak said, "We want to visit our family over there, and were wondering if you'd like some company. We could swat flies for you."

"It's a deal", Marvin said. "Hop aboard and let's go." The various Squeaks piled onto Marvin's broad antlers, and off they went. Marvin waded out to the deeper water and started swimming. The Squeaks laughed and played as they fought with the flies that plagued Marvin. The babies got into the fun, too, but they spent more time playing with Marvin's ears than swatting flies.

When they got to the other side, everyone politely thanked Marvin for the ride, and made their way to the old beech tree for a family gathering. The Squeaks stayed for a few days and then saw Marvin looking up and down the shore. They made their way to the edge of the pond, and Papa Squeak greeted the big moose. "Hi, Marvin. What are you looking for?", he said.

"You", said Marvin. "Are you ready to go home yet? I was on my way back. You can ride with me if you want."

"Thanks, Marvin", Papa Squeak said. "Don't mind if we do.. Come on everyone! Let's go home." All the Squeaks happily climbed onto Marvin's back and antlers, and waving goodbye to their relatives, set out for their own side of the pond.

The Squeaks are very particular about this legal stuff. I'd pay very close attention if I were you, because if you get on the wrong side of a Tree Squeak you could get a pine cone stuffed down your shirt at the very least. Please don't upset them. They live in our yard, and we have to listen to them carry on if they get angry.

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