You're being watched!
Moose photos on this page by Connie Rand.
As much fun as it is to watch moose, we need to warn you about something. If you are visiting here, be aware that there are occasionally deer or moose in the road, especially at night. Moose are VERY DANGEROUS road hazards. If you meet them after dark, they're too tall for their eyes to shine in your headlights, and the animals are dark-colored. They're more likely to stand and face an adversary (such as a vehicle) than to run away. They have a high center of gravity, and if they are hit, they will roll over the hood of your car and into the front seat. A cow moose can weigh more than 600 pounds, and a bull could top 1000 pounds. There are several highway fatalities and many injuries in Maine each year due to vehicle collisions with moose. Please drive a little slower at night, be watchful and buckle your seat belts.

And don't get too close to them. Mother moose are very protective of their babies, and both bulls and cows can be dangerous during the fall mating season. They look ungainly, but can run faster than you can. Never argue with a moose!

For those of you who enjoy hunting, there is a moose season in Maine, by lottery only. Please check with the town office for regulations.

The drawing above, by Connie Rand, shows a large bull moose. The original pen and ink drawing is owned by Thornton Brothers, Lincoln, ME, and may be seen in their offices. The drawing is copyright protected by the artist, and may not be used for any purpose without express written permission.
Moose are fairly common in the Lincoln area. Don't expect to see them walking down Main Street in the middle of the afternoon, but they are quite often seen in other parts of town. That said, a few years back a young cow moose spent a few days near the lake in the downtown area, munching shrubbery and being a general traffic hazzard. When she showed no inclination to leave, it was decided that she should be escorted elsewhere. While she was standing in the lake, some boaters threw a rope around her neck and slowly started for the other end of the lake. The moose calmly followed behind, swimming to her new home. She was turned loose none the worse for her trip up the lake. She hasn't been back, so she must be happy where she is.
Hey! Do you see any pond weeds? I know I left some here someplace!
This moose baby is cute, but leave him alone. His mommy would cheerfully stomp you if she thought you were threatening her little one!
These hunters have bagged a cow moose during Maine's lottery-only moose hunting season. The hunt is carefully managed to control the size of the moose herd.