July 3, 2008 - It was a Wednesday, the day before the celebration out in Burlington for America's birthday. Connie and I decided to walk down to Prince Thomas Park, located right in the middle of downtown Lincoln on the shores of beautiful Mattanawcook Lake. What a scene - what a day!! You couldn't have picked a better day "at the beach" than today. Several dozen youngsters were taking swimming lessons, playing in the sand, taking advantage of the playground area, and just plain HAVING FUN!! Ah, to be young again, eh?

We also noticed the nice new sign the town has at the entrance to the park. Well, of course Connie and I had our trusty Nikon cameras with us and below are some nice pictures (we think) of a day at the beach on a warm summer day in Lincoln, Maine, and being a child again!

- Lee Rand

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Sometimes having fun just means relaxing in a lawn chair or hammock with a good book and letting the rest of the world take care of itself for a little while.
You never know what you'll find at a yard sale!

This snowmobile trail is a great place for walking during the spring, summer and fall.

Lincoln is the shopping hub for the general area, so people from outlying smaller towns come here to get groceries, buy gifts, shop for vehicles and get a haircut.

So, what can you do to have fun around here?

Go shopping while you're here (and support the advertisers who make this site possible). You'll find some interesting places to buy something for the folks back home. If you're here on a Thursday, you might find a yard sale, too!

This is a wonderful area for hunting and fishing. The local snowmobile club maintains a network of well-groomed trails that also make great places for a walk in the woods in the spring, summer and fall. The club house is located on Town Farm Road, 3 miles north of downtown Lincoln and at the junction of trails 1 and 6. They are open Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting), and food and parking is available. You can get a PDF copy of a local trail map here.

There are boat landings on most of the lakes, and on the Penobscot River (there's a picnic area at this one). Put your boat, canoe or kayak in the water and enjoy a day of fishing or watching the wildlife. If you'd rather have a local person take you hunting or fishing, there are many Maine Guides in the area. In fact, you can even learn to be a Registered Maine Guide yourself, right here in Lincoln!

You can play 18 holes at the golf course, and take in a concert at the gazebo downtown on Friday nights.

Lincoln holds its homecoming celebration the third week of July each year, with the famous Riverdrivers Supper on Thursday. This is an outdoor feast, with beanhole beans, biscuits and everything that goes with it. There are homemade cookies for dessert–you don't want to miss that! On Saturday there's a parade on Main Street. And you should see the fireworks reflected in the lake! Check the Town of Lincoln website for more information.

Although Lincoln itself doesn't have a 4th of July parade, nearby Burlington's traditional parade is always a fun event.

Lincoln's Main St. has plenty of places to shop.

Folks enjoy a Friday night concert at the gazebo on Main Street in Lincoln.

Little League baseball games are fun for the whole family.

The Springfield Fair is the highlight of the Labor Day weekend in this area.

Friday evenings in the summer, musical entertainment is available downtown at the gazebo on the lake.

Enjoying the scenic Lincoln area from a powered parachute.

Click here for a PDF copy of our latest snowmobile trail map.

Fall is deer season around here. Other game is plentiful too: moose, black bear, ruffed grouse, wild turkeys and ducks are all found here.

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Picking wild berries yields not only a good time, but a delicious dessert as well. Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries can be found around here..

A good crowd always gathers for the Homecoming Parade in July.

Bagpipers liven up the Homecoming Parade.

There's plenty to do here, or you can just relax. Sounds good, doesn't it?

With so many miles of shoreline, there's plenty to do in the water!

Prince Thomas Park downtown features a beach and a playground for the kids.

This little float proclaims that Lincoln is "A Sweet Place to Live"!

Do you like to go fishing? This photo was taken at the public boat landing on the Penobscot River. You can fish for bass, have a picnic, or just sit and watch the river flow by. You might even see a bald eagle!

Sometimes the circus comes to town!
Who says fun is only for the warmer months? Here's a skating rink on the lake, just waiting for the kids to find a little spare time to come out and play.

Shopping is also fun, and you can do that right here!

How about a nice leisurely trip around the lake in your kayak? You can do that right in the middle of town in Lincoln!
Come on in, the water's fine!
Yard sales are big or small and usually held on Thursday around Lincoln. This was a large one held on a Saturday!
Duane Lyon catches one of two pickerel on a great day on Crooked Pond. Photo by Mike Libby.
And speaking of ice fishing, some folks are really dedicated to the sport. This ice fishing shack was photographed during a Valentine's Day blizzard. Is there anyone in there?

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