Lincoln was incorporated in 1829. Did you know that many of the town's oldest structures are still here today? In this section, we'll be investigating these historic buildings. For now, we have a few photos of some of the older homes. We'll be taking a closer look later on. If you know of a Lincoln landmark that's been around since the early years, let us know! Here's a preview:

This home on Frost Street was built in 1834

This home is next to the Lincoln Memorial Library.

The location of ABC Glass on West Broadway was built in the 1820s.

This home on Main St. has been around since 1827. It was built by Aaron Warren Huntress, who was one of Lincoln's earliest settlers. It's the oldest house in Lincoln still on its original foundation and site. The house is currently owned by Earl Savage, service manager at Thornton Brothers here in Lincoln. We'll have still more about this house soon.

This house on Main St. was home to Walter and Frances Cameron for many years.

This home on Lee Road once belonged to Dr. McNamara. It is now the Methodist parsonage.

High Street (now called Enfield Road) has many older homes.

Katahdin View Farm on the Enfield Rd. dates from 1825.

This beautiful old house is on Pleasant Street.

This house is on Taylor Street.

This home near Marden's back parking lot on Fleming St. has been around since the 1820s.

This stately house is on Main Street near the Ballard Hill Community Center.

Another of High Street's beautiful older homes.

This home is on Lee Road near Barker Business Services.

Page's house on Lee Road was built quite some time ago. Mrs. Page told us she has seen old photos of the Methodist Church that show the house in the background.

This house on Lee Road once belonged to optometrist Dr. Heal and his family.

This is yet another older home on High Street.

The Lincoln Center Baptist Church was built in 1844. Can anyone give us some information about this building?

This older home on Lee Road is part of Lincoln's history. It's in need of a little TLC, and it's for sale - are you looking for a place to fix up?

This house is next to Clay Funeral Home, and is owned by the Clay family.

This house on School Street is owned by the Archer family. It once was the home of Frank Delle and his family. Frank started Lincoln's radio station, WLKN.

Rare old Lightning Rod.

The Edwards house on the Transalpine Road is part of Lincoln's history. For a look back in time, click here to read May Edwards Bailey's account of the earliest settlers in this part of town.

We have recently acquired a copy of an early
history of Lincoln, and will be looking through the book to see if we can come up with more information about any of Lincoln's oldest buildings.

If you know of a historic building in Lincoln, please let us know.