Early Days in Lincoln

by Asa G. Clay

This history of the Transalpine area of Lincoln was published in 1937, with only one or two hardcover copies printed. We're bringing it to you in PDF format, ten pages at a time, so check back once a week for the next installment. There are a few pages where the copy is clipped at the bottom. This is due to our original source material and is beyond our control. The map on this page is referred to in the book. Click on the picture to download a PDF that you can print as you read the book.

First ten pages

(includes title page, dedication, table of contents, list of illustrations and pages 1-4 of the book)

Pages 5-14

Pages 15-23, including photo between pages 16 & 17

Pages 24-33

Pages 34-42, including photo between pages 37 & 38

Pages 43-52

Pages 53-62

Pages 63-71, including photo between pages 57 & 58

Pages 72-80, including photo between pages 76 & 77

Pages 81-90

Pages 91-100 and two photos

Final installment

We've now put all the pages of Asa Clay's book online for you to enjoy. We'll leave it here for awhile, then move it to the page with our other history books. We thank the Lincoln Maine Federal Credit Union for underwriting the cost of putting these history books online!