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"Enjoyed the photo (History Photo of the Week, Dec. 23-30, 2009). When we were kids in the 50's we used to go down to the railroad depot in the foreground. Sometimes we would pick up pieces of coal near the track or put pennies on the track for the train to flatten. I can remember telling time by the sound of the 7 AM train horn coming through in the morning. Also by the 9 PM siren from the fire station. hanks for the memories and hope all of you have a Merry Christmas. " - Lynchburg, VA
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Johanna DeCourcey writes, "I haven't seen the attached photo of the Lincoln Community Band on your website. My guess is that it was taken sometime around 1957-1958. I came across it when I was scanning family photos to send to my family, and it seemed appropriate to pass it on. Many of the faces are familiar to me, but alas, the names have been misfiled in my brain. I'll bet your readers can name many of them. The ones I can tell you for sure are:

Seated 2nd from left in the first row is Wilfred Butterfield. I am the flute player seated just to the right of Dr. Butterfield, and Reg Clay is sitting directly behind me in the second row. On the far right of the first row is Doc Gulesian.

The trombone player next to Doc was probably not the only one who was holding a lighted cigarette when this picture was taken. I remember rehearsals as being pretty smoky. I'd like to think we were Lincoln's answer to the Rolling Stones, but it's probably more accurate just to comment on how things have changed."

Thanks, Johanna! I think the girl with the trombone in the front row is Evelyn (Round) Stockley. The sax player behind Dr. Butterfield could be Ray Jordan. Does anyone know who the other band members are? - Connie Rand

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