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The 1932 MA boys' basketball team.

Here's the boys' basketball team from Howland Hight School, year unknown.
The 1964-65 Mattawamkeag High School Kats had a record of 14 wins and three losses.
The 1946-47 Winn High School basketball team: front row, left to right - Bill Fogg, Jimmie Davis, Capt. Herbert Haynes, Durward Gordon and Lyman Albert. Back row - Frank Dam, Woodrow Lee, Everett Fogg, Dick Fancy, Robert Wyman and Coach Wilkins.
Lincoln's 7th and 8th grade boys' basketball team, 1953 or 54

Back, left to right: Dalton Trott, Wayne Danforth, Granville Keith, Lowell Thurlow, Bob Clifford, Gary McFalls, Bob Moody, Roger Holmes, Elliot Potter. George Albert and Coach McLaughlin

Front, left to right: Dan Murchison, Tim Ludden, Reynold Michaud, Shirley Hamilton, David Gilpatrick, Cox, Earl Bates, Mike Leene and Peter Grant

Photo courtesy of Bob Moody

Lincoln's 7th and 8th grade cheerleaders, probably about 53-54
Left to right: Kay Murchison, Jackie Clifford, Barbara Bowers, Teddy Cobb, Judy Crocker, Sissy Bowers, and Carlene Marin
Front: Gayle Staples and Peggy Dickerson


- Hanging on the wall of the MA Gym is the above banner awarded to the Mattanawcook Lynx boys basketball team in 1922 for winning the Maine State Basketball Championship. That was 85 years ago this month. There are no other State Championship banners hanging at Mattanawcook Academy for basketball. That could change this year, so I thought I'd do a little digging to see what went on these past 85 years and how close the teams of the past came to getting that second banner. With the help of Dennis Lowell and George King I've come up with some information you may find interesting.
Here's a photo of the 1921 MA Lynx. This was the team the year before MA won its only state basketball championship in 1922. Left to right: George Haskell, Lawrence Clark, T. Walcott, Leamon McKinnon, Flub Delano, Raymond Doane and Cub Bryant. Below is a photo of the 1922 state champs.

The boys' teams have not fared well at the Eastern Maine Tournaments in Bangor over the years. Thirty-five years after their only State Championship they defeated Pemetic of Southwest Harbor for the Eastern Maine Class "M" title by a score of 56-46. That was in 1956 and the 1955-56 team went 13-0 before the State game. Quite an accomplishment in those days. And that year, in their only other State Championship appearance since 1922, they lost to Cape Elizabeth 76-51 in Augusta. Since then, the Lynx have only advanced to the Eastern Maine championship game three times.

In 1987 they lost to Calais for the Class "C" title 78-72, and the following year, having moved up to Class "B", they lost to Ellsworth 65-64 in a game that will forever live in the folklore of MA basketball as the game the Lynx should NEVER have lost. But that's another story for another time.

Twelve years later, in 2000, and back in Class "C", the boys lost to Penquis 67-44 in the championship game.

So, there you have it. Now, MA does have a basketball tradition, but, it seems not a lot to show for it. The girls' team, btw, lost to Calais in the Eastern Maine championship game around 1999. And, for you trivia buffs, the combined record for MA boys teams since 1952 (not including this season) is 585 wins and 467 losses.

Now you all know the short history of Mattanawcook Academy championship basketball. I honestly have a feeling that history could get a little longer this weekend! Now, here's a little treat for you all!, courtesy of The Lincoln Historical Society, a photo of the 1956 MA Lynx - the last MA team to go to a State Championship Basketball Game.

Front Row, left to right: Manager Paul Gulesian, Roger Holmes, Robert Walcott, Avern Danforth, Linwood Bowers, Dalton Jordan, Elliot Potter, Manager Dorance Clay. Second Row: Carroll Jones, Timothy Ludden, George Albert, Ray Coffin, David Gilpatrick, Charles Clair, Wayne Danforth, Coach Fletcher.
Postscript: On February 24, 2007, the MA Lynx boys' basketball team played in only their 6th Eastern Maine Championship game. In Bangor, they lost to Camden Hills 61-60. And the next year, on February 23, 2008 the MA Lady Lynx went to the Eastern Maine Championship game for only the second time (the other being 1999). They played a very talented undefeated Waterville team. They lost 60-40.
This is the game ball from the 1922 championship, which is now in the display case at Mattanawcook Academy.
Mattawamkeag basketball team - 40 years later!
- During halftime at an MA-Bucksport basketball game, another team from days gone by made a very special presentation to Mattanawcook Academy. Mattawamkeag students now attend MA, but until MSAD 67 was formed, the town had its own high school. Mattawamkeag High School's boys' basketball teams from 1968 and 1969 were the Eastern Maine Class S runners-up, with a record of 37-5 over the two years! They were ranked #1 in their class in the final tournament rankings at that time.

The proud team members presented a banner to MA representing their accomplishments. The banner will be hung in the MA gym as a reminder of their two Eastern Maine runner-up finishes. We'll have a photo of the banner being put up in the gym at a later date.

The team members from 1968 and 1969 were Steve Carr, Terry Hunter, Jerry Wotton, Harold Smith, Dennis Libbey, Dick Vicaire, Dale McCafferty, Dean Libbey, Moose Keith and John Whitehouse.

The team was coached by Gerald "Chummy" Clifford, who was in attendance for the presentation. He spoke about how much fun it was to coach these two teams, who were a Class S power in Eastern Maine basketball. Clarence Thompson was Mattawamkeag High School principal in 1968-69, and later an administrator at Schenck in East Millinocket and at MA. He spoke at the ceremony, mentioning the many 'Keag students who have added so much talent to the MA athletic teams over the years.

This photo was taken during the winter of 1958-59. A tow was installed at the ski area on Fish Hill the previous winter, with donations by local businesses and citizens.The tow was eventually vandalized to the point where it was unusable.

Baseball great Ted Williams poses in front of the Bon Ton on Main St. in Lincoln with a Miss Greater Lincoln (identity uncertain) circa early/mid 1950s. The local consensus was that the girl was Muriel Applebee from the Howland/Enfield area. But, we now have irrefutable proof she IS NOT the girl with him in this photo. So, we're back to square one! If anyone has any information about this photo or the girl, please e-mail us. Thanks! The negative is long gone, and as far as we know, there is only one print still in existence - ours

UPDATE: May, 2008 - The girl in the photo with Ted Williams is his second wife, Lee Howard. It was taken in 1961 and is VERY RARE as few, if any, photos exist of the two of them together.

Here's the Ella P. Burr School boys' basketball team in 1958. First Row: Coach Weatherbee, Doug Ludden, Mike Thomas, Jody Thomas, Bubba Smith, Danny Smith and manager Jim Libby.

2nd Row: Tommy Smith, Kenyon Smith, Reggie Michaud, Eugene Sutherland, Tommy McLaughlin, Gene Gordan, B. Osgood, Ty Cobb, Roger Bowers, Ronny Boone , Jay Jordan. Photo courtesy of Carol McLaughlin.

Here's a wonderful photo of the 1934-35 MA girls' basketball team. From left to right - First row: K. McGibney, P. Blake, E. Albert (captain) , H. Terrio (manager), and A. Trott. Second row: A. Albert, H. Furrough (who loaned us the photo), Coach Clements, E. Leen, J. Johnston, P. McCafferty and A. Reardon. If you have any photos of the Lincoln area from days gone by, we'd love to share them with our viewers! If you have access to a scanner, you can e-mail photos to us in JPEG format, or we can scan them and return them to you.
This photo comes to us courtesy of the Lincoln Historical Society. Members of the 1956 Eastern Corp. Bowling Team, left to right, are Percy Kilbride, Herbie Brehaut, Guilford Cole, John Whalen and Ellsworth Smith. The photo was taken by Dalton E. Brown.
This photo of the Lakeside Lanes bowling team was taken by Fred Richards in 1963. Left to right: Phyllis Johnson, Jean Bickford, Gladys MacNevin, Althea Lowell, Myrna Sproul and Marge Pedley. Our thanks to Jean Bickford for letting us bring you this photo!
MA's football team, from the 1931 Pine Needles yearbook courtesy of Donna Pereira. Back row, left to right: Lane, Coach Warren, Sibley, Wakefield, McFarlan, McKenney, Ludden, Banfield, Kneeland, Dickinson, Steeves and Gordon (manager). Front row: Leen, Harris, McNevin, Hurd, Bowker, Willett, Scott and Grant.
Thw 1931 MA boys' basketball team. Back row: S. Gordon (manager), Lane, Dickingson, Banks, Coach Warren. Front row: Willett, Lancaster, McNevin, McKenney, Fogg.