Hello there.

I see you've wandered into my part of this site. Most of the photographs on www.lincolnmaine.us were taken by my husband, Lee. He's not the only photographer in the family, however. I am allowed out of the office on occasion, and I carry a camera with me wherever I go - which could be New Orleans, or Washington State, or Newfoundland, or Baxter State Park, or sometimes just around our own yard.

Remember, I've been to art school, which is a good excuse for my pictures being a little different . . . These pictures were taken solely to amuse myself, but I hope you'll enjoy them, too.

I'll be adding more photos to this page often. Now take a little break and enjoy life from my viewpoint.

- Connie Rand

July 11, 2010 - I've been busy working, but every so often when nobody's looking I sneak outside with the camera. Soon I hope to take a whole day off for a special photo safari, but until then here's a slideshow for you.

And now for something completely different . . .
August 10 - I have a funny hobby - I like to take pictures of Lee taking pictures. Today I went with him as he photographed a panoramic view of the end of Mattanawcook Lake behind the gazebo near the dam. Here are a few shots I took of Lee as he was capturing the photo above. It looks easier than it is, but you can see he's having fun doing it! You can see more of his photos atwww.leezphotos.com.

- Connie