Some recent demographics for www.lincolnmaine.us compiled during the first of May, 2010:

Visitors: over 3 1/2 million + have entered this site through our front page. As of May, 2010, 65% enter our site through one of our other pages! 2% of our visitors stay on the site longer that an hour during each visit! 59.46% of our visitors found this site from GOOGLE and 25.68% from BING.

A survey of 477 visitors showed that during the 2 days our visitors were polled they said they came from the following areas:

Greater Lincoln Area*:
Other areas in Maine:
New England:
Other States**:

*Chester, Enfield, Howland, Winn, Lee, Springfield, Lincoln and Mattawamkeag. ** We've had visitors from every state in the nation and all Canadian provinces.

From Statcounter.com we're told, among other things, that the average visitor to this web site goes to 7-8 pages during each visit, average 13 minutes during their visit, and over two-thirds of our visitors come back again! The largest number of hits in a 24-hour period on one page was to our Sports page - 1,476 visitors in February, 2009! We consistently average between 7 and 8,000 visitors each and every week (as of May, 2010).

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Age of visitors:

13-18: 9.7% * 19-26: 21% * 27-39: 19.4%

40-50: 24.2% * 51-60: 21% * 61-75: 4.8%

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Recently, our weekly poll gave our visitors the opportunity to tell us why you visited lincolnmaine.us, and we got some interesting information from them. ALL of it good, by the way, and here's a brief rundown of some of the results:

A whopping 49% of our visitors thought the web site did a great job promoting the Lincoln area, that the site was well done, and they liked the positive nature of the site. 18% liked the scenic photos and wanted to see what was "new" on the site. Over 11% said they may visit our area. Almost 6% of the viewers used to live here. As business owners - we like those results!!

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Our first DVD of the sights and scenes of Christmas in Lincoln, Maine sold very well during our first holiday season online - so well, in fact, that we've discontinued it, and produced a new and better one for our third Christmas season online!! A Lincoln Maine Christmas" is now available!! It's really a completely different DVD than the original. Twice as long and with Dolby Digital stereo background music, it also features HD quality photographs. You'll love it!! It's not available in any store.

We also have a DVD slideshow featuring over 400 of our Photos of the Day. And we've added Tree Squeak items, bumper stickers and photo booklets, with more items to come. For complete product details and ordering information, click here.
Lee & Connie

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