Weather No Obstacle
July 4 - Last year saw the Burlington 4th of July celebration attract its biggest crowd ever. This year the weather was a cool 60 degrees, there was mist and drizzle in the air and rain was predicted. Oh, yes, it was foggy too!! Not the best weather for a parade and outdoor celebration, huh? Well, surprise surprise. This year's attendance surpassed last year's, making it the best attended 4th of July celebration EVER in Burlington according to those "in the know". I agree. What a crowd!!!
We just had a feeling the turnout was going to be good despite the weather when, again this year, they ran out of pancakes in the Tavern for breakfast. This was after they served up 236 meals according to Bruce Barker Jr.! Crowd estimates? Well, there were AT LEAST a thousand people there - probably closer to 1500! What else can I say? Happy Birthday America!!

Congratulations, and job well done to everyone involved with organizing this year's celebration. I'm looking forward to next year already. To see the photographs that Connie and I took this morning just CLICK HERE.

- Lee Rand


July 4, 2008 - What a birthday party for America today in Burlington!! The largest crowd ever to witness the Burlington/Lowell 4th of July parade descended on the little town early this morning to become a part of 4th of July history! And, before the parade even started it was announced that for the first time ever, all the pancakes at the The Tavern were sold out - gone! The people just kept pouring in. Chris and Lana Gulesian did a brisk business at their food wagon during the day and the Triangle Fire Department had a pig roast, baked beans and more ready as the parade ended.

Everyone was in a patriotic mood and the blue skies and warm temperatures just added to the atmosphere. Burlington is normally a sleepy little town in Northern Penobscot county, but on this particular day it's wide awake!! An eagle even circled overhead during part of the parade! Connie and I were there again this year to photograph the yearly event and we think we got some great shots for you. Until next year, you can view the excitement by clicking HERE for our two slideshows. Till next year......

- Lee Rand

We want to take this opportunity to thank Clay Funeral Home and Rand Advertising for underwriting the cost of us bringing the photos of this year's celebration to you. For photos and video of the 2007 celebration, CLICK HERE. Happy Birthday America!

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