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Lincoln's cemetery is beautifully maintained, in loving memory of those who spent their days here, building the community as they lived their lives.

The older part of Lincoln's cemetery is an interesting place to look for family information. Those whose ancestors lived here may be able to find where they were buried. Click here for information on those buried in this cemetery.

The slate tombstones in the foreground date from the 1830s. This old cemetery is in Lincoln Center. If you're interested in genealogy, click here for links to information on local cemeteries.



The Mohawk Road cemetery, in the top photo above, and the Transalpine cemetery shown below it, are the final resting places of many of Lincoln's early residents. One of the graves in the Transalpine cemetery dates from 1833! Perhaps these old cemeteries can provide information to help you discover your family tree. DanaRae Pelletier of Lowell has provided the information listed on the gravestones in many area cemeteries. Click here for links to all her pages.

Academy Cemetery in Lee is located on the East Winn Road near Lee Academy. Many of Lee's early settlers are buried there.

Two brothers, Asa and Nehemiah Kneeland, came from Harrison, Maine in 1823 and settled on Fish Hill on what they named the Jameson Farm. One or two of their brothers served in the Revolutionary War. The Kneelands have been traced back to King Alexander of Scotland in 1225!! Nehemiah later moved to Topsfield where he named the town after their original home in Massachusetts. Asa moved to Half Township. His children and grandchildren are buried in the Half Township Cemetery. Asa? Probably there too, but no one knows for sure! Steve and Jim Kneeland, as well as Lee Rand, all of whom live in Lincoln today, are their direct descendants. Click here for links to information on those buried in local cemeteries.For information on those buried in the Half Township cemetery, CLICK HERE.

Army Ranger MSG Gary Gordon of Lincoln received the nation's highest military award, the Congressional Medal of Honor. MSG Gordon was killed in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993. Read more about MSG Gordon here.


For information on those buried in the Half Township cemetery, CLICK HERE.