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Statement of Purpose


July 2005
This website "Welcome To Lincoln, Maine", has been developed and built to showcase the business community, the way of life, the recreational opportunities and the natural beauty of Lincoln, Maine and surrounding areas. It was created and is maintained by Lee and Connie Rand, of Lincoln, dba Rand Advertising. 
This site is possible only so long as the business community and individuals support this site through their advertising dollars and donations. If this is not done, this wonderful promotional/informational tool for this area will cease to exist. 
The purpose of this site IS NOT to be controversial or political*. As much as humanly possible, barring important news stories affecting our community, only positive and uplifting content will be published here. This is a website the people of this area can be proud of. We hope you'll agree, and we  hope you'll grow with us as this site expands in the days and months ahead, bringing our wonderful area to the world through the Internet.
Lee and Connie
* Political news articles/Press Releases will be published on our News pages regardless on political party or cause. Ref: 1st Amendment to US Constitution
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