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This photo of the original Mattanawcook Academy was taken around 1910.

One of our viewers wrote wanting to see a picture of the Primary School in its heyday, and we managed to find some. The school was built in 1903. The photo below was taken in 1905.

The Ballard Hill School in Lincoln was opened on January 19, 1920. It cost $45,000 to build. Here are some photos of the building as it appears today and when it was new.

Winn School

The old Mattawamkeag High School was torn down in the 1970s.

Natalie Coburn Atkins of Warrenton, VA grew up in the house that was recently torn down to make way for the new Subway restuarant on West Broadway. Nat sent us this great photo of her fourth grade class at Ballard Hill School.

This photo (courtesy of Donna Pereira) of the MA band and majorettes was taken sometime around 1959-1960. Our thanks to Joan Lamb for providing us with the names of some of these students. If anyone else has names for the rest, please e-mail us. First row: Kitty Nute, Mary Ellen O'Leary, Richard Leen, Bill Fisher, Michael Kelly, David Hall, Johanna DeCourcy, Elizabeth Steeves, Cherie Pelkey. Second row: Sharon Worcester, Jane Moulton, ?, ?, ?, Diane Green, Sharon Preston, Brenna Thornton, ?, ?, Mary Bowers (majorette). Third row: Deanna Cobb, Joan Bowers, Shirley Grant, ?, ?, Donald Brown, ?, ?, ?, ?, Loretta Dionne, Joan Bragdon, Valerie O'Leary. Fourth row: Joan Mallett, Hervey Clay, ?, Merritt Webster, ?, Ronald Jenkins, ?, Dianne Dickinson, ?, ?, Sterling Britton.

Mrs Murchison's 5th Grade at Ella P. Burr School in 1956, sent to us by Carol McLaughlin.

Mrs. Mildred Crocker's class at the Lincoln Primary School, taken January 25, 1956 by Dalton Brown. Left to right: 1st row - Toni Oullette, Beth Maynard, Vernon Taylor, ? Berg, Fred Dobson, Linda Curtis. 2nd row - Ann Edwards, Claudette Fogg, Danny Oliver, Donna Westgate, Edgar Murchison. 3rd row - Paul Ciarrocchi, Stanley Bowker, Sandra Paradis, ?, Bonnie Reardon, Terry Moore, Gerry Barker, Linda Young. 3rd. row - Tim Tufts, June Knights, George Goodwin, Roger Murchison, Sheila Berry, Jerry Moors, Mary Murchison, Mike Carney. (Photo courtesy of Donna Westgate Pereira)

Taken at the Lincoln Primary School in November of 1959 by Dalton Brown. Left to right: 1st row - Alan Stockley, Stan Bowker, Lucille Carlow, Beth Madore, Toni Oullette, Mary Murchison, Andrea Olsen, Bruce Stevens. 2nd row - Gerald Derosier, Dennis Dill, Bessie Dion, Sheila Berry, Ann Edwards, Jane McCormick, Parker Barnes. 3rd row - Wilfred Audibert, Tim Hollis, Terry Moore, Danny Oliver, Caroline Kilbride, Donna Westgate, Jim Theriault, Bruce Hall. 4th row - Dale Murchison, Randy Libby, Peggy Walker, William Haynes, Mike Carney, Vernon Taylor, Lester McMahan. (Photo courtesy of Donna Westgate Pereira)

The Ella P. Burr School band, taken by Dalton Brown in 1959. Left to right: 1st row - Timmy Edwards, Leo Madore, Brad Blake, John Libby, Howard Sleeper, Timmy Hollis, Jeff Goodwin, Carl LaForge, Carroll Hurd, Brian Carey, Jimmy Lowell, Dickie Carlow, Dale Murchison, Cheryl Murchison, Connie Lowell, Sonya Trott, Toni Oullette. 2nd row - Allen Currie, Pat MacEachern, George Goodwin, Donnie Worcester, Donna Westgate, Karen Gulesian, Jane McCormick, Beth Madore, Gayle Kane, Betty Barkowski, Ray Graham, Beth Maynard, Gwen Mason, Ellen Jipson, Bonnie Bean, Mary Murchison, Pam O'Leary. 3rd row - Connie Wilson, Barrie Edwards, Teddy and Larry Flagg, ?, Billy Chubbuck, Bob Brown, Mike McCormick, Steve Armstrong, ?, Brent Libby, Terry Crockett, Carol Joy, Linda Young, Linda Littlefield, Shirley Pinkham. 4th row - ?, Danny Aiken, ?, Stan Bowker, ?, ?, Buddy Smith, Mike Carney, Alan Stockley, Wilfred Butterfield, Chris Gerry, Bob Bowker, Bruce Stevens, ?, Larry Harding, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bill Bennett, Nellie Perry, ?, Connie Scanlon, Mary Barkowski, Connie Stockley, ?, Judy Hawkins, Marilyn Fogg, Chuck Emery, Marsha Ryder, ?, Wanda Dill, Allen Hawkins, Dave Edgecomb, Reta Johnston, Gerry Graham, Rebecca Goodwin. (Photo courtesy of Donna Westgate Pereira)

This photo of the Mattanawcook Academy orchestra is from the 1931 Pine Needles yearbook. All the Pine Needles photos here are courtesy of Donna Pereira.

The 1931 MA Pine Needles Editorial Board. Front row, left to right: Ruth Spearin, Veira Morse, Lorna Robbins, Maria Bishop and Louise Steeves. Second row: Laura Towle, Viola Phinney, Isabelle King and Irene Stevens. Back row: Wayne Scott, Harold Kneeland, Lawrence Willet, Warren Wakefield and Maurice James.