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Home NEWS Jeff Schick to run for RSU No. 67 board

Jeff Schick to run for RSU No. 67 board


Name: Jeff Schick

Mailing Address: 652 Main St., Lincoln, Maine

Physical Address: Same

Telephone: 794-4905

Marital Status: Divorced

Years of Residence in Lincoln: 49

Email Address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Employer: Lincoln, Paper and Tissue

Years Employed: 29 years

Children: 2, Son, Jarret and daughter, Stephanie

Education: Graduated from MA, some College

Position you are seeking: RSU #67 Board of Directors

Qualifications; I have been a resident of Lincoln all of my life, and I know the core values of the taxpayers of this district. I also ran the education program for the PPRC, which I feel, gives me a unique insight to the inner workings of this district.

Incumbent: No, but I have served on the Board of Directors in the past.

Other community service: I just recently started coaching Football again for the Lincoln Rec. Dept. I am also a DoD certified bugler.

Reason for running and goals for the future: I feel that the district as a whole has lost its focus and direction. This is something that is very troubling and needs to be dealt with in a most expedient fashion. The children are our most important assets and I believe that the controversy that has enveloped this district has caused us to lose that focus. This, to me, is a very dangerous path to go down. The students are our future and that fact should always be considered when any decision is made in this district. We have allowed agendas and personality’s to become the focus. This detracts from the main goal of the district as a whole. That goal is to provide all of the students of this district with the tools for a successful future.

The other part of this equation and equally important are the taxpayers of this district. They must be considered in every decision and given the respect they deserve. We are living in financially perilous times on both the federal and state level and for anyone to not recognize that fact is both irresponsible and financially suicidal. For any party to think that the taxpayers will sit idly by and accept a massive tax increase shows me just how far removed from reality they are. The days of blindly passing a budget are gone. These are the times of financial uncertainty and must be treated accordingly.

I know that we can find a solution to this present impasse. This will not be an easy task to accomplish but given the other option of failure… We can all agree on one thing and that is a start. That is, we MUST put the welfare of our students first. To argue over this, to me, is not an option we can entertain. To assign blame for the present situation would be counterproductive and serve to only exacerbate an already volatile situation. We have all seen where playing the “blame game” will get us. It cannot continually be “them” it must be “us” or failure awaits and not just ours but more importantly our students.

In closing I would like to say that our district is worth saving and I look forward to be given the chance to do so. We are at a crossroads as a district with two roads to choose. One leads to success, the other to failure. I know which one I want. It’s all about the students, not agendas and personalities. 

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