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Please support our advertisers, who bring you our Photo of the Day - 365 days a year! Hover your cursor over any ad in the slideshow to pause the ad. Many of the ads can be clicked to go to the advertiser's website.

We hope you enjoy our Photo of the Day! Come back tomorrow for yet another view from somewhere in the Lincoln area. Don't forget there's much, much more to see here at www.lincolnmaine.us. Why stop here? Check out the menubar at the top of the page and visit other parts of our site.

"Your pictures, especially the autumn ones, are just beautiful! Also, I love it when I recognize a site. Keep it up!" - S.C., Lincoln, ME

On "Photo of The Day" you will see a new photo from the Lincoln area - EVERY day - 365 days a year!

You never know what it will be......