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Since the 1880s, Lincoln has been

a paper mill town. Although the mill has

changed ownership from time to time, there

have been few interruptions in its operation.


Town of Lincoln and Lincoln Lakes Region Chamber collaborate to become Certified Business Friendly Community

Media Release - March 20 -  In an effort to be recognized as a Certified Business Friendly Community, The Town of Lincoln and the Lincoln Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce are collaborating as they apply to the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development through the new OPEN FOR BUSINESS Program.  The Certified Business Friendly Community Program seeks to identify, recognize and promote communities that show a true commitment to business development.  

An important part of showing that Maine is Open for Business is recognizing communities that provide exceptional service and streamlined regulatory processes for business owners.

Certified Business Friendly Communities will receive:

·         An award of certification presented by the Governor

·         Recognition on the State of Maine DECD Website

·         “Open for Business” sign

·         Two-year certification; communities may reapply

In addition, Certified Business Friendly Communities will receive bonus points in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) programs (beginning in 2012.)

There will be a public informational meeting on Monday evening, March 26, 2012 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm in the Lincoln Town Council Chambers.  For more information please contact Traci Gauthier at the Lincoln Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce at 207-794-8065 or Ruth Birtz at the Town of Lincoln, 207-794-3372.

The Town of Lincoln has many and varied businesses. Some have been here a long time and some come and go. The Town of Lincoln's municipal web site maintains a "Yellow Pages" http://www.lincolnmaine.org/Yellow%20Pages/Yellow_pages.htm

Lincoln's downtown business district on Main Street is shown above. Many businesses are also located on West Broadway (shown below), which is becoming a very busy area.

Smart's True Value Hardware Annex now open

Smart's True Value Hardware's new Annex at 51 Main Street in Lincoln is now open. Stock is coming in every day, according to owner/manager Larry Smart. The photo above shows him moving one of several palettes into the store this morning.

The Lincoln area Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant and growing business organization. Maine Governor Paul LePage (pictured here) spoke to over 200 attendees at their annual dinner in the spring of 2011.

The new Health Access Network (HAN) complex on West Broadway was completed in August 2009.

Lincoln Paper & Tissue makes business reply and insert card paper stock, premium white, mid-tone, deep colored and specialty tissues, and bleached kraft market pulp. This mill is the largest producer of deep-dyed tissue in the country. 354 people are employed at LP & T. More than 99% of the chemicals used in the mill's pulping process are recycled! 
The company has installed a new tissue machine, which makes 100 tons of tissue per day, doubling LP & T's capacity and adding 40 new jobs. The new machine was formally dedicated on October 6, 2006. For photos of the giant dryer drum for the new machine arriving in Lincoln, click here. For some vintage photos of the mill, click here.
Lincoln's airport (see photo below) is located on the banks of the Penobscot River, and serves both seaplanes and regular aircraft. Its FAA indentifier is LRG. The airport is open to the public.
There is also a seaplane dock in downtown Lincoln on Mattanawcook Lake.
Internet service is widely available in the Lincoln area, with services provided by telephone companies Mid-Maine Communications and Verizon, with both providing DSL services. Also, the Lincoln Memorial Library provides access to the Internet through its computers. Dialup Internet service is also provided by several smaller ISPs.

Airport to be upgraded
July, 2008 - Lincoln is considering a $700,000 plan, over 5 years, to modernize our regional airport. No date set yet for town council review.

A local business celebrates its grand opening after changing ownership. Lincoln has a variety of businesses serving people from all over the area.
If you live here, please shop locally whenever possible. If you're visiting, you can find most everything you need right here. Need a gift for someone? A replacement tire? A new shirt? Some wood for your campfire? Groceries? An ATM? It's all right here in Lincoln!

This photo was taken on outer West Broadway in Lincoln, which has become part of the business district over the years. West Broadway is also Route 2. The access road for Interstate 95 (River Road) runs off outer West Broadway.
Although Lincoln is the shopping hub for the nearby population (which numbers around 25,000 people), it is still a rural town. You won't find a moose in the Wal-Mart parking lot every day, but it has been known to happen!
This giant crane at Lincoln Pulp & Tissue held our nation's flag high above the town. The flag could be seen from the downtown area.
Penobscot Valley Hospital, located on the corner of Enfield Roadand Transalpine Road, is a 25-bed hospital, and is one of Lincoln's largest employers. The hospital opened in 1973. It has grown over the years, and a new state-of-the-art modern surgical facility, and the renovated main lobby was dedicated on November 18, 2006.
Wood is a very important resource in the Lincoln area. Pulp trucks like this one are a common sight here.
Lincoln Paper & Tissue at dusk.
When day is done.