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The Lincoln Memorial Library

Here is some feedback we've received from visitors. All we can say is, "Thank you!". Please feel free to e-mail us with your thoughts about this Web site at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Because of the volume of e-mail that we receive, we cannot reply to them (but do give quick replies from time to time in red type), nor do we keep them around for long, but we do read every one. Some excerpts from the e-mails are put here on this section from time to time.

"You have a very nice professional looking web site four your area which is certainly a compliment to your area. I hope to visit there now after viewing it's beauty thru this web site." - John C., Waterville, ME

"You've given us another season of GREAT basketball photos once again. Second to none, that's for sure . . ." D.T., Mattawamkeag, ME

"I check out your website each day. I may not have lived in Lincoln but it was a big part of my husband's life and your website is a great way to get to know the people, places and things that he talks about."- Stacey H., Hollis Center, ME

"Your sports pictures are some of the best high school pictures I've come across so far. Excellent. Really enjoy seeing pictures by photographers who know how to take sports pictures and you do better than most." - Lisa K, Bangor, ME

"I'd like to visit your town some day. Great web site you've made......" - J.B., Bethlehem, PA
"You do a wonderful job promoting your area of Maine with that web site. I'm impressed….we will visit Lincoln someday….. Wish someone down here was doing what you're doing up there." - S.S., Nashua, NH
"Thank you soooo much for giving our area this really great web site. My family in Philadelphia thinks it's just great, too. Keep it up..." - J.R., Lincoln, ME"
I love high school basketball and follow as many teams as I can. I go to your Lincoln web site all winter long to see your great photos of the teams from up your way. Sounds like your MA boys are a scrappy team this year….. Happy New Year!" - F.G., Waterville, ME"
You have so much information and photos to read and view….a large and interesting amount on content about your area of Maine…" - S.W. , Pleasantville, NJ
"It's easy to see why your web site is so popular - it's VERY well done!"- Joanne W., Lincoln, ME Thank you so much for your letter. We try! - Lee & Connie
"We're all so happy you're going to photograph the local teams again this winter. ….been enjoying them every winter for years now it seems. You have a knack for capturing some unique moments during the games. I've seen others but yours are far and away the better looking ones, imho." - J.J. - Lincoln, ME
"The town of Lincoln owes you both a BIG round of applause and a BIG thank you for your web site and the work you do to promote the area and the activities that go on. I met you both in Bangor at last year's tournament and you were both so nice. I love your work." - M.N., Brewer, ME
"Love your Christmas page….so much fun, beautiful photos, lovely music, and lots of cheer. Thanks." - M. Martel, Kennebunk, ME
"I really like your site...brings back a lot of childhood memories. Still have relatives in the area." - G.W. via email
"Best election 2011 coverage is right here (on www.lincolnmaine.us); thanks Mr. & Mrs. Rand!" - F.H., Burlington, ME
"Your basketball game pictures at Lee Academy were top notch as usual…..thank you for all you do to promote local sports." M.D., Lee Academy, Lee, ME
"I live in Saint John New Brunswick about an hour from the Maine bordertown of Calais. When I used to be a sports card collector I would often travel to Howland and visit "The Strike Zone". I would always visit Lincoln as I just love the charm of your small town. I enjoy your postings and pics. Maine and New Brunswick both have wonderful scenery and friendly people!" - Mark H. , St. John, New Brunswick, Canada (via Facebook)
"So attractive. Lovely to visit." , E.M. - Kennebunk, ME
"I just love seeking all the lovely fall photos you have on the Lincoln web site. I tell all my friends how pretty it is here and I can prove it with the web site. Thank you for the super job you do for my town and the others around." - F.S., LINCOLN, ME
Just received this: "I have to tell you that I have seen plenty of town web sites and I have NEVER seen one as nice and professionally done and attractive as the one you do for Lincoln, Maine. It's fantastic - I love it!! Never would have thought a small place like Lincoln, Maine would put the rest of the country to shame, but you've got a gem up there. I hope your town is paying you what you're worth to produce that web site. It's a wonderful promotion for the area…..do they realize the service you're doing?, I hope so, and I'm sure the business community loves it, too. I just had to tell you." - B.W., Goshen, NY, USA
"..can't wait to see this year's basketball photos. Yours are some of the best from around Maine and I love high school basketball. Lincoln's lucky to have someone of your talent doing sports photography up there cause not many schools do." -  a sports lover in Skowhegan.
"Well, I gotta say it. It’s a great web site and promotional tool for your area." - P.Q., Freeport, ME
"I visit your website often and find it to be extremely informative as you offer exceptional resources to the local community and abroad." - J.J., LINCOLN, ME
"Thank you from Florida. I love hearing all the news and seeing the photos. Keep up the good.work." - S.F. via Facebook
"Today's Hurricane Irene wasn't as bad as it could have been but we sure appreciate your updates on the Lincoln web site and it's Facebook page. Nice community service, thank you." - F.B., Lincoln, ME  YOUR COMMENTS ARE MOST WELCOME! 
"This is the first time I've looked at your "News" page...I love it and the pictures are great!!!! Better than a newspaper. Thanks Lee and Connie for the great work." - Holly (Quirion) Badman
"My sister told me about the Lincoln web site but I figured it was like most things in Lincoln, crappy. But wow, when I took a look tonight this is really something and you absolutely do a super job all about my town. Impressed I'll say. Bet other people think the same thing until they see it. Go guys!" - LINCOLN, ME   More and more people think like you after visiting the Lincoln area web site. Thanks for writing. BTW, Lincoln really isn't too crappy! - L & C
"...very informative, well done, and quite professional for a small town like Lincoln is. I'm impressed I must say. Never been there but feel like I have!" - Kennebunk, ME
"We've been going to the Lincoln website because there's actually stuff on there about Lincoln. Sheesh...... You're doing a fine job - don't stop. Adding Mr. Libby to your staff was a great choice too." - Mr & Mrs L.B, Lincoln, ME
" Football coverage this year- yeah!!!" - J.S., Lincoln, ME We're looking forward to our expanded local sports coverage all year long. Watch for it! -  Lee & Connie
"That photo of your sunrise is totally awesome! So peaceful looking that I ALMOST want to move there! " - P.R. , Statesboro, GA. 
"You've got a first rate site up there Lincoln, Maine. There's nothing we don't like about it, which is rare for us.....hopefully we'll get to visit in person sometime." -  Westville, MN
Burlington-Lowell 4th of July Celebration wrote: "Thanks so much for all you both do!!!! We enjoy having you there each year!!!!!"  via Facebook, 7/31/11


"You're doing the town a GREAT service with your wonderful web site. Thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf. " S.O., Lincoln, ME"
I like this website more and more every day.....". A.M., LINCOLN, ME
"Your new site is AMAZING! Excellent work!!"- via Facebook, Deb Lindsay, Enfield, ME
"Your web site is the best thing to ever come out of Lincoln!" - Mrs. D.T., Lincoln, Maine
"I feel like Lincoln, Maine is my second home....your web site is so very nice. I'm looking forward to (the new revamped site) tomorrow..."- J.R., Westminster, UK
"I want to personally thank you Lee and Connie ! When there is news (good or bad) you two are always on top of it to let the people of Lincoln, Maine know. Also a BIG THANK YOU for posting pictures of our beautiful TOWN ! You capture the most prettiest pictures THANKS!"  - A Mom of 2 in Lincoln, Maine
"Top notch website!......" K.R., LINCOLN, ME We try.
"I can't recall ever seeing another site so well kept up as yours...sure wish you lived in Liberty!...Lincoln is lucky to have you and Connie." - R.B., LIBERTY, ME
"Great site!" - Palenville , NY
"We want you to know the time and efforts you two put into the Lincoln web page is appreciated by many people here in town. You should be proud of what you've done with your web site. The town should be grateful for this wonderful way to promote our area. And, we want to tell you we wish you had more news - you do such a great job and we know you're stretched thin time wise. Thumbs up!!" - The..... family, Lincoln, USA "Thank you. We'd like to do more, too." L & C
"I'm one of the King's Riders that was in Howland this past Saturday night, I would just like to thank you very much for the photos,video, and writeup you did on escorting Chelsea Bean to her prom, the write up was excellent and the photos were great. We really appreciate all that you did." - Thanks again, Donnie Kepple
"Your coverage of the recent storm in town was nothing short of outstanding! No weekly newspaper can compare to what you had on the Lincoln web site.."- Lincoln family
"No matter how much Lincoln pays you two to do the Lincoln web site, I'll bet it's no where near enough. The town's got a bargain with it....." - P.N. , Lincoln, ME The Town of Lincoln does not pay us to maintain this web site. It is supported only by advertising and donations. - L & C
"We can always count on you for to find out what is going on around town. Great job." - The C.... Family, Lincoln, ME
"I just got on your web page a few days ago and love everything you all are doing in speading the NEWS of and about LINCOLN." - E. H., Hudson, ME
"I'm always grateful to you both for the great views of our area. You have a great eye for a picture, and fortunately the opportunity to be there at the right time! Thanks."- D.W. - Lincoln, Maine
Thanks again!! Keep up the great work! You guys put a lot of effort and work into the website and do so much for the Lincoln Community!! - Lincoln Police Officer Mark J. Fucile
"Lee and Connie I love your web site, keep up the good work.Thanks", Sharlene B......, Sweet Road THANK YOU !!
"YOUR PICTURES OF THE HARLEM BASKETBALL GAME WAS VERY GOOD. I LIKE YOURS BETTER THAN FACEBOOK BECAUSE THEY LOOK SO NICE. I'M IN SOME OF THEM."- L.K., Lincoln, ME Thank you, we had a nice time, too. Our pictures look nice because we're professional photographers so they have to be good!
"I know the ice storm has most likely created a lot of inconvenience up there in Lincoln for you all, but I just wanted to say that your photos are absolutely amazing. It's not often that mother nature is captured as nicely as you did. Thank You." Marc T., Cape Cod, Massachusetts
"I'd like to see someone in Dover-Foxcroft design and run a fine local web site like you have for Lincoln. Must be nice!" - J.J., Dover-Foxcroft, ME
Nice site...keep up the good work. - Nebraska
"Your high school basketball photos are GREAT!! Thanks for your web site and its sports section..." - P.H., Enfield, ME
"Love the new garage. Keep up the great work." - Via E-mail
" I just love the Lincoln website! I visit it often as it is just like going home. Great job!" - Randi Gallagher
"The Lincoln website looks darn good and what great marketing tool. It reaches out where no media can. It puts you on the map for sure. Fine job Lee. I hope people realise the value of it and support it.A great platform to speak to the world. You know it reminds me when I was in the service up In Alaska. I used to get the newspaper a week and half later. Now we are in real time. I for one appreciate all the effort Connie and you put in. Thank you folks for what you do!!!!! Hopefully people will see the value!!!" - Michael Gemme vis Facebook
"...and your basketball pictures are AWESOME! - the BEST!" - J.J. , Lincoln, ME
"Your snowman contest was a great idea, the kids have one to send in but I'm sorry you couldn't find businesses to sponsor it. Maybe next winter? Please? The Lincoln site is sooo much appreciated by us..." - D.A., Lincoln, ME
Today's photo is stunning! - J.L., Rhode Island
"Yours is THE best local sports site I've come across! Very nice Lincoln!" - Tony C., Brewer ME
"Your holiday section is wonderful!!! Your town looks so nice and festive..." - Brenda K., Bangor, ME
"A big THANK YOU for being there today and for your fine pictures and film of our ceremony. The Lincoln web site does such a great job- thank you again." - A WW2 Veteran, Lincoln, ME Thank you for your service to our country.
"Among other things, your election night reports were what we expect from our local media today- good job - again!" - P.N., Lincoln, ME
"Your website is the first thing that popped up when I did searches looking for information on this area over 2 years ago. I fell in love with this area and now live here. Keep up the awesome work!" - J.S., Lincoln, ME (Via Facebook)
"As a business owner (25 years here in Southern Maine) I can tell you I'd certainly want my business on the Lincoln web site if we were located there! Your high school sports section is the best I've seen. ....can't understand the lack of local business support you have up there..." - J.J., Kennebunk, ME Neither can we.
"Thank You, You do a great job with the (sports) pictures and getting the scores of the games back to us. " D.L., Lincoln, ME via Facebook The two of us do our best, thanks!
"I'm in the picture in the third row number 8 from the left. My name at the time was Connie Rideout. My name is now Connie Shields and I live in Norridewock. ME. It was great to look at all the different pictures that you have. I have the Lincoln Web Site on my facebook. Thank you for keeping us all up to date with the news." You're Welcome!!
"Your pictures, especially the autumn ones, are just beautiful! Also, Iove it when I recognize a site. Keep it up!" - S.C., Lincoln, ME
"Love your web site. The pictures are beautiful." - Lincoln, ME
"We can't wait for you to take M.A. basketball pictures this coming season. NOBODY does it better than you! More games this year?" - Lincoln, ME Thank you for your compliment - glad you like our work. I'll have an announcement concerning our basketball coverage for this winter soon on the Sports page of this Lincoln area web site. - Lee
"I really enjoy your web site by the way. It's nice to get information as it's happening and not a week later." - S.C., Lincoln, ME
"We really like what you've done to the sports part of the site. Can't wait til basketball season to see all your really nice game photos.....wish you'd do more!" - J.H., Lincoln, ME. - We'd like to do more, too, and as business support increases for this site, we will. In the meantime, we're planning on covering ALL the M.A. home boys & girls basketball games (and some JV's) this coming winter starting with some pre-season events in November. - Lee 
"How do I make a donation to your website, which is awesome by the way!" - P. DeCourcy There's a PayPal donation button on the front page.
"We don't know how much the town pays you folks, but we're certain you deserve a raise!! EXCELLENT web site for our area."- The H...... Family - Lincoln, ME They don't pay us anything but they do advertise on the site.
"That Lincoln ME website is outstanding...Makes me want to visit Lincoln,...Easybreezy"
"I don't think you two have any idea how many people around here look at your Lincoln web site all the time!" - J.B., Lincoln, ME
"Such a great website!!!!!!!!!! we are so fortunate to have one, and great people to maintain it too!!!" - Lincoln, ME THANK YOU!!
"...it's (the web site) a part of Lincoln!....it's valuable... Thank you both for your dedication and work." - Lincoln, ME
"We'll be coming up this month. And, we'll be supporting your advertisers." -Liberty, PA
"Looks like a grand time up there at your Homecoming. You have an excellent website, btw......." - Westbrook, ME Homecoming IS a fun time here!
"Love the Lincoln web site. Keep the name Welcome To Lincoln, Maine- it's perfect just like the web site!!" - Lincoln, ME
"I hope you'll cover more sports this year. Your pictures are the best AND not old.... can't make it to all the games." - Winn, ME We hope to cover more high school events.
Why doesn't the local business community utilize your wonderful web site? Seems strange to us!" - Bangor, ME
"Your homecoming pictures and videos were the best. What would we do without your web site? You're the greatest." J.Y. - LINCOLN, ME
"Nobody covers things like you 2 do on the Lincoln site. Just saying." - Carrie, LINCOLN, ME
"We came from Nova Scotia because of your town web site. Not only did we have a fantastic time this week, but we actually met you on Main Street taking pictures. Thanks for showing us your town - we like it......" The Houlton Family Yes, we remember you saying Hello. Glad you had a "fantastic" time here. Come again!
"Thanks for everything you do for Lincoln. You're appreciated very much". - S.E., LINCOLN, ME Nice comments are much appreciated, too.
Cool Web site. Love all the photos. Wish I was at your festival, sounds like a good old time. Plus its got to beat our Texas heat, high today is 98 with a heat index of 109. Whew! G.C., Texas
"Lee, PLEASE bring back your Tidbits column/page to the Lincoln we site! Please! I think it was so unique AND fun AND interesting! Loved it. Even my kids read it...."- S.I.,Lincoln, ME Love to, but no sponsors yet. "THANK YOU so much for coming to our celebration this year. Your pictures and video of the parade was awesome as usual! See you next year!" - Burlington, ME
"The Lincoln web site is just plain GREAT. There is nothing more I can say except please don't stop." - Lincoln, ME
"It is truly nice to have a place to go and see good news." J.H., LINCOLN, ME
"After looking at your wonderful pictures in the sports section the past several weeks, I can't believe the people of this area settle for the mediocrity that's put out by the local paper! Goodness, there's no comparison in quality for starters........ Someday, this area will wake up. In the meantime I hope you continue with your first-class professional web site for our town-it's great!" - G.S., LINCOLN, ME
"Why doesn't the local business community utilize your wonderful web site? Seems strange to us!" - Bangor, ME
"This web site is something Lincoln should be proud of. Keep up the good work." - Orlando, FL
"What a wonderful promotion for our Town. The town should recognize you folks with something considering the GREAT job you do and all the work you both put in to make our area known to everyone on the internet.v Everyone we know loves it!" K.B. - Lincoln, ME
"Your website is the first thing that popped up when I did searches looking for information on this area over 2 years ago. I fell in love with this area and now live here. Keep up the awesome work!" J.S.-Lincoln, ME
"People have gotten used to being able to get the info almost instantly that once a week without an online presence is really backward thinking." A.M., Lincoln, ME
"Great site."- P.L. , Blaine, ME
"Very Very nice and informative site. Quite a nice history section........has everything most people would want to find out about your town/area. Keep it going, I'll be back often as I love little towns in New England! I would so much love to visit there after seeing this web site" - J.F. , Pleasantville, NJ"LOVE your new front page. You do yourselves and this area proud....what a great web site we have thanks to you." - LINCOLN, ME
Very happy to see your MA/LA baseball photos in your sports section. That means summer is close! Great job." - G.G., Lincoln, ME"
"Yours is the best small town web site I've come across yet. Nice looking area, too." - S.W., Nashua, NH"
Our family LOVES to look thru your web site! We visit a number of times each week. Everything you do is FIRST CLASS - from the colorful attractive ads, the photographs, the stores - EVERYTHING! We do miss Lee's Tidbits column though. Can you bring it back??? Lincoln now has something to be proud of...." - Lincoln, ME
"The lack of business support for your web site is understandable knowing Lincoln as we do. But, keep it on- we're supporting your advertisers...... We're looking forward to summer and your excellent coverage of our local events,too."- Lincoln, ME
"I've never been to Lincoln but my fiance has. We're coming up in July (to meet his family) and he says you make it look better than it really is. We'll see!" - S.Portland, ME
"My kids realized after looking through your web site for a school project that Santa Claus actually lives there!! I had some explaining to do! LOL" - Summerfield, NC
I've checked out the Lincoln site... very, very impressive! It's very inviting...I've never been there, but looks beautiful.- D.M., Portland, ME"What a wonderful website. Can you include our area, too?" - Millinocket, ME
"We wish you'd hurry up and get more businesses on the web site. The internet is the way to go and most of our friends check into the Lincoln web site every day or so - you need to expand!! ....your photos are second to none and we all love your history stuff too..." - Lincoln, ME
"On our way to PEI this coming summer we're going to stop into your town because of what we've seen on the web site......" - New Sharon, ME
".... thanks for all of your commitments to try to keep a true piece of Our Country alive. This reader appreciates you!!!" - Clyde, NC
"The Lincoln web site is a fine little site and it shows that you put a lot of time and effort into it.....". - W.W., KANSAS CITY, MO
"If you created a web site like Lincoln's for us up here, you wouldn't have to go begging for advertisers I'm sure! What's wrong with the business owners in Lincoln?!!" - M.W., PRESQUE ISLE, ME
"We can't wait for Penobscot Valley High School to play in Bangor Tuesday night. Everyone I know will be there and then they're gonna look at your web site after... woot woot..." - N.C., ENFIELD, ME
Re: "History Photo of Week") "Do you know where the building was located? It almost looks like it was near St. Mary's Catholic Church. By the way I still miss Lee's Tidbits." T.B., Tallahassee, FL
"I absolutely LOVE the history section!" - T.C., Lincoln, ME
"You guys are great, your photos of the Howland game are just super! Hope you are in Bangor next week. GO HOWLERS!" - Howland, ME
"I like this site...keeps us up to date with happenings in the community...helps make us feel a part of our community.." - LINCOLN, ME
"Thank you for the coverage of the recent wrestling matches held up in Lincoln. PVHS (and wrestling) doesn't get much coverage these days. Nice pictures!" - H.W. - Howland, ME
"Nice pictures of the LHS 'find' -- the ancient fireplace in the kitchen at the Corro House. Neat!" - L.S., Lincoln, ME
"You guys are doing a super job with the basketball teams again this year. Thank you for posting JV pictures this year...." - G.B., Lincoln, ME
"I REALLY enjoy your history photo of the week. Any chance we can have a new picture more often?" - J.H., LINCOLN, ME
"Loved your Christmas coverage so much we actually drove up Christmas week, at night, to see it live. The Gazebo is so cute....and, all of Main Street looked really nice just like your web site does." - C.L., Old Town, ME
Re: History Photo of The Week: "Great photo. We used to shoot marbles at almost the precise spot where the photo was taken. ....... we actually used to walk to school without fear of being bothered by strangers. Lincoln was a great place in which to grow up." - T.B., Tallahassee, FL
"I love your site..and think it helps people to see that Lincoln isn't just a small town but a small town with big views!! :) " - J.D., Lincoln, ME
"Wonderful Christmas photos and information again this year. We wish you a happy new year and hope 2010 brings more support for your great site- you deserve it..." - J.G. , Lincoln, ME
"Enjoyed the photo (History Photo of the Week). When we were kids in the 50's we used to go down to the railroad depot in the foreground. Sometimes we would pick up pieces of coal near the track or put pennies on the track for the train to flatten. I can remember telling time by the sound of the 7 AM train horn coming through in the morning. Also by the 9 PM siren from the fire station.
Thanks for the memories and hope all of you have a Merry Christmas. " - Lynchburg, VA 
"Love all your news pictures, You get them on so fast. A fantastic job." - P.D., Lincoln, ME
"We want you to know you're doing a great service to our community with the Lincoln web site. We go to it several times every week and the pictures with video of the holiday parade was one great example of the nice job you do. You are appreciated by a lot of people we know...." - J.R.- Lincoln, ME
"I was happy to see your pictures of the boys and girls basketball games this week. I'd heard you weren't going to be at many games this year because of lack of ad revenue. I'd hope that won't have to be the case....because the Lincoln web web site does such a great job...." - Lincoln, ME
"Don't stop - PLEASE!!!" - Howland,ME 
"Next summer I plan a bass fishing trip to the Penobscot River and to the Grand Lakes area near Danforth. I will be bringing a small 14 ft. bass boat with me. Hopefully I can also get in some golf at your local course. I will be going solo on this trip. I would like to base my operation in Lincoln. Would you be able to provide me with any specific information on lodging in the area? If the area is as appealing as advertised, I would be also interested in obtaining info on long term rentals or even the purchase of real estate." - Chambersburg, PA
"Your photos (of the recent fire) were fantastic. Excellent job. You both do such a good job around town...."- D.S., LINCOLN, ME
"....a great and informative site. Love all the pictures of lincoln from the past." - T.G., LINCOLN, ME
I am VERY impressed with your video uploaded to YouTube of the Lincoln News fire. I can just about feel the heat of the blaze. Your movie says it all! - Kennebunk, ME
"Great coverage of the Lincoln News sad events Lee and Connie!" - C.C., BANGOR, ME
"GREAT JOB!!!! (Reporting on Lincoln News Fire) The photos were sad but Connie did a great job covering the STORY!!! Thanks for all that you two do for the Town of Lincoln and keeping us all updated on Facebook!!! Love your site!!!"- S.D., LINCOLN, ME
"Your reporting of the local election results was quick and outstanding. Thank for being on top of the flu story at the junior high, too. Your web site just keeps getting better." - Lincoln, ME
"You have an interesting town up there. First Class web site that's for sure! Doesn't surprise me that you're struggling with it- it's Lincoln. Been there. But, I'll visit once and a while if you can stay online...... Love your local sports coverage- not bad for only two people." - J.L., Orrington, ME
"Sorry to hear about tidbits. I’ll miss being up to date on Lincoln happenings. I will continue to check the site." - T.B., Lynchburg, VA
"I'm impressed!, more visitors to your web site weekly than your local paper has readers. You're doing a great job down there. I'm one of the 8,000 plus...." - Presque Isle, ME
"What a wonderful time we had at the fall fest downtown this afternoon. And, to think we wouldn't have known about it if we hadn't gone to the Lincoln web site to see fall pictures!! THANK YOU so much for what we do...." - Lincoln, ME
"You have a First Class web site for your area. I can't imagine the business/tourist community not all being very much in support of it. Surprising to me, and I'm a business owner!" - Rockland, ME
"We love your daily photo and the way you show off our town in a nice way. Pretty neat." - Lincoln, ME
"It really is a great site!!!!" - Lincoln, ME"
Surprised to see basketball pictures on your sports page already, and hope you're going to have a lot this winter. Nice work folks."- Lincoln, ME
"Sorry to see that your Lincoln Shopping page doesn't have many businesses listed. I like the idea...." - Chester, ME
"I've never seen a small town web site like yours.....everyone must be proud to have it on the internet." - Winter Harbor, ME
"NOTHING LIKE THE LEAVES IN MAINE! People try and convince me that the foliage is pretty in here in the fall... THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT COLOR IS!"- Aiken, SC
"You both do so much for Lincoln and the sports at MA." - Rep. Jeff Gifford, Lincoln, ME
"I loved the website! I was looking for fall photos to make my computer screen look pretty and found the site and I am so glad! I loved the photos and I can't wait to try a recipe or two. (I've been making the "Depression Cake" for years.) I am a lifelong resident of Columbus, Indiana, but your website makes me want to become an honorary citizen of your beautiful town!" - Columbus, IN
"Once again, we want to thank you for your coverage of our area high school sports. Your pictures are super and we love your new web site of your sports photos."- Lincoln, ME
"Great to see that the one and only broadcasting legend to come out of Lincoln, Maine, is still keeping us in touch with rock and roll through his column, "Tibbits", on the Lincoln web site! I thought he'd died long ago - keep it going Lee. Wish you were on the air!!" - Marlboro, MA
re: Photo of Day 8/27/09 "Beautiful picture of caring and connections. We need to see that more oftern. Good work." - Lincoln, ME
"Your photo of the day today (8/27/09) is fantastic! I love it- one of your best. Whole web site is great, btw." - Lincoln, ME
"When do the leaves start changing up there? Any yet? Thanks." - Plano, TX
"Very nice photos of the Gardiner/MA scrimmage! Great job!!" - Gardiner, ME
"Thank YOU so much for sharing all of the awesome (football) pics!! What a great job you did capturing so many of the plays, ect! I especially enjoyed them because my two boys play! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!" - Lincoln,ME
"I wouldn't blame you if you just closed the web site. Lack of support is disgraceful in my opinion......that's Lincoln for ya." - Lincoln, ME
"What a lovely and interesting web site your town has! With all the news from there I thought I'd see if you had a web site. I'm impressed." - Brewer, ME
"I have no idea how much the Town of Lincoln pays you two, but IT'S NOT ENOUGH I'm sure. GREAT job." - Veazie, ME
"...and, the way we see it, if your web site (and it does!), showcases and promotes this area, then it promotes the area businesses too, and we can't understand why they aren't more represented on your site? On another subject, can you cover more Penobscot Valley High School games this year? We hope so. Happy 3rd anniversary. Thanks." - Howland, ME
"You do such a nice job I hope you will take pictures of our high school games again this year." - Lincoln, ME
"Your photos of the parade were FANTASTIC. You do an awesome job with your web site to the benefit of our town. I'm so glad you have it available to see every day and hope you never stop." - Lincoln, ME
"My girls were just so thrilled to see your video of them. Great job with homecoming again this year......."- Lincoln, ME
"Your pictures have convinced us to take a trip over to Lincoln next summer for your celebration. It looks like a lot of fun and it's not that far for us. Very nice web site btw." - Dover-Foxcroft, ME
"Your timely coverage and photographs, and now video, of the events this week in Lincoln prove once again that you folks are the future of information in the area. I can see from your Facebook page that I'm not alone in my feelings on this. ......I look at your site several times a week....." - Orono, ME
"Just wanted to say again how much I enjoy your website and hope my donation helps convey that. Your coverage of everything in and around Lincoln is much better that that of the Lincoln News (which is now $45 per year for an out of state subscription). I felt that the very least I could do is treat your website like a subscription and hope many of your visitors will do the same. You do a valuable service for Lincoln and hopefully will be able to continue.
Thanks again for a wonderful glimpse into Lincoln and helping us to keep in touch with “our roots.” Your photos are fantastic and coverage of Lincoln’s events and happenings are always a treat. I am a fan and really appreciate what you do." - Warrenton, VA
"Many great memories..." Jenn, from Enfield, CT
"We really wish we had a web site like you have up there in Lincoln!" - Acton, MA
"I'm planning a bicycle trip from Ottawa, Ontario to Prince Edward Island this coming week (19th-26th) and I came across your town (and thus website) while I was choosing my route. You guys have done a great job on it and it certainly looks like it'll be great to stop in!" - Ontario, CANADA
"Your tidbids for July 12th brought back some memories---especially the music--- from summer of 66. Great photo of the children's parade in the 50's."- Lynchburg, VA
"I can't imagine the influence your site has nationwide - probably worldwide. I do know the pleasure it gives to me, personally." -Lincoln, ME
"We'll never understand why your site doesn't get the support of business in the area! Your site benefits EVERYBODY. Don't give up please...." - Lincoln, ME
"Once again you've given us a wonderful assortment of pictures from the Burlington parade. I can't wait to see your work from Lincoln's upcoming homecoming. You deserve some kind of award I'm sure." - East Corinth, ME
"My sister told us about about your web site. Everything and more is true.....fantastic web site for your town." - Warwick, RI "What a great website!!!!!!!! I just spent an hour looking around." - Fwd by a Lee, ME realtor
"Thanks for the support! We appreciate it!!!" (re Burlington 4th of July Celebration) - S.W., Burlington, ME
"I love looking at this site! Thanks!" - Skowhegan, ME
"...and great color sports pictures without waiting a week to see something....." - Lincoln, ME
"Your web site is amazing, especially the coverage of high school sports. It's very rare to find anything like it anywhere!" - Norfolk, VA.
"What a very nice web site you have Lincoln. Brilliant idea!." - Cherryfield, ME
"The towns certainly getting their monies worth with you two doing their web site. I'd vote you a raise from the school budget :)." - Lincoln, ME
"We are very happy to see our school so well represented on your sports pages on the Lincoln web site. We know of no other like it......and very nice pictures." - Lincoln, ME
"What a nice coverage of all the teams Connie and Lee. Really enjoyed the pics and stories. Thank you." - Washington, DC
"You two are wonderful people... when ever I get lonesome for MY HOME TOWN I always go to the Lincoln Site. Martha Lyon sent the website to me a year ago and can't begin to tell you the number of southern friends I've shared it with... We're always asked about "WHATS MAINE LIKE and living there with all the snow! Pictures are wonderful! Thank you for all the work and effort you two put into letting others enjoy MAINE... You'll never know the people you've blessed with this site but will never get to See Maine in real life..THANKS AGAIN!!!" - E.T. -Aiken, SC
"Great picture today! Part of my morning routine is trying to figure out where the picture of the day is taken." - LINCOLN, ME
"Your Lincoln Shopper idea is your best to date, and we hope the businesses community jumps on board because we can't wait......to check in every week."- LINCOLN, ME
".....would you consider doing a Lincoln like site for our area?" - MILLINOCKET, ME
"I have a number of ancestors from Lincoln and the surrounding area (McPheters, Tourtillott, etc). .....love to read "History of Lincoln"." - CAMBRIDGE, UK (England)
"A magnificent job you're doing for the area and sports programs...... We look forward to your pictures several times a week." - Lincoln, ME
"We are looking forward to your pictures from the baseball games. Hope you have good weather and do a lot." - Lincoln, ME
"Loved your pictures from this year's expo. I too liked the Elvis guy. ....great job as usual." - Lincoln, ME
"We wouldn't have gone up to Lincoln for your exhibition yesterday if I hadn't seen your comments about it on Tidbits. Love what you write about most of the time." - Orono, ME
"Kudos to you guys for your super photos from the recreation department tournament recently. You do a great service to our community in so many ways I wanted you to know. Keep up the good work. nd the kids liked seeing their pictures too."- Lincoln, ME
"Impressed with your town of Lincoln web site. More towns in Maine should follow your example..." - Lewiston, ME
"Hi! I enjoy your website a great deal (I grew up in Lincoln but have lived in Ohio for the past thirty years). I visit the site every day or two....." - Columbus, OH
"Your sports coverage is just outstanding this year..... You have no competition in that department."- Lincoln, ME
"Connie and Lee Rand (you) have a wonderful website for the Lincoln area and I visit it frequently. Hope the rest of the world sees how beautiful Maine is..."- N.A., Warrenton, VA
"I want to say you've done a very nice job photographing our girls basketball games this season. So nice to see all those pictures after every game......" - Mattawamkeag, ME
"Thank you for all the great pictures of the girls and boys MA LYNX basketball games. It is great to be able to see the action shots that you get. Keep up the great work and I will see you at the tournaments." - Lincoln, ME
"I think your web site is really nice....was up there snowmobiling a few weeks ago and realized your local trail map was done by you guys too. I wish every area had folks like you doing what you do. Keep it up..."- Bangor, ME
"Hi! I live in Lancaster PA. I love your site, it’s a way for me to keep up with what’s going on in Lincoln. ..... keep up the great work on the website!" - Lancaster, PA
"Kudos to you for your great basketball pictures this year! Fantastic job!"- Lincoln, ME
"I was amazed at how many really nice basketball pictures you have on your web site." - Lincoln, ME
"We watched "Over Lincoln" DVD last night - loved it! You did an amazing job with it." - LaGrange, ME
"Holiday Greetings from Long Island, New York.
Really enjoy your website. Look forward to my daily viewing! I must say that your website and all things Lincoln fulfilled a goal of mine of getting a home in Maine someday. My first visit to the pine tree state was right after high school in 1972. In 2007 my wife and I purchased property up there and this past fall the dream was realized! Thank you for keeping us updated. Happy New Year!!!!!" - Centereach, NY
"Greetings from Hoheinod, Germany. I enjoyed looking at your web site. p.s. your percentage from Europe just went up."- Hoheinod, GERMANY
"Your gazebo is beautiful!" - Southbridge, MA
"Merry Christmas!! Wanted to let you all know what a great web site you have, we think it's great for the Lincoln area, and you have really added to our enjoyment of the season with your news and pictures. Give yourselves a raise. I'm sure you don't get paid anywhere near enough for your work :-)." - Lincoln, ME
"The photos are so beautiful that it's like taking a vacation...Connie & Lee thanks for the plane ride and the trip to Baxter. Keep up the good work." - Enfield, ME
"Came through Lincoln last night. Your Main Street is wonderful to see, from your little gazebo with it's colored lights surrounded by white to the big tree up the street- very nice. Came to see a ball game at the high school and heard about your sports on your web site. We lost, but when I got home you already had 100's of game photos up on line. I'm impressed by your site and your Main Street. Why aren't more stores open? Happy holidays to everyone up there..." - Hermon, ME
"I very briefly went on the Christmas page of your web site, and what I saw was just beautiful but I will go back on when I can really enjoy it and have time to really look at the site. You and Lee really do an awesome job. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you !" - Old Town, ME
"Thanks for all the great (holiday) coverage." - Lincoln, ME 
"Again, this year you two are giving us a wonderful glimpse of Christmas in your town. Very nice." - Fort Kent, ME
"Lovely photos of Santa!" - Lincoln, ME
"I like the recipe page ...... I still have family in Lincoln and try to get up there once a year.Good job keeping the site as good as it is."- Hampden, ME
"Your website continues to entertain and inform, not only this long-time resident, but people worldwide. Keep it up!" - Lincoln, ME
"I'm a former Maine resident and am looking for some pictures to share with friends of the Lincoln area. Do you have any pictures of Wing Wah's Restaurant?"- Atlanta, GA
"I was on your site this morning for the first time. Spent 3 hours there - it's fantastic...." - Lincoln, ME
"Your so called bubble photos on the cartoon page can be real funny and at times serious. A good mix. Creative." - Howland, ME
"I love your website! It's so refreshing to see a website that actually provides real information." - Mattawamkeag, ME
"Thank you for your timely election night coverage of our local political contests. Very good. Kept going from computer to TV to computer all evening!"- Lincoln, ME
"How many local basketball games do you plan on doing this season? Love the pictures you take." - Howland, ME (Answer: "A LOT "-Lee)
"Hi Mr. Rand, I really enjoy your photos of the Maine landscape. Your photos really encompasses Maine's true and natural beauty. Your photos of The Lee Academy basketball team are fabulous. My son plays for Lee. Thanks for allowing the chance to witness my son's games with your fine photos. Keep up the great work.." - Markham, IL
"The value of your website to this town and area just is beyond measure." - Lincoln, ME
"Lee, as a history social studies teacher I want to thank you for your brief summary of our 1st Amendment and how it pertains to protected political speech. Many people don't understand the importance of that, and I try to teach my students the whys and hows of our rights. Noah Webster was a very fascinating man, btw. You'd be surprised how many school age young people visit your site and your Tidbits column. You and Connie take great pictures!" - MAINE
"I can not thank you enough for having the pictures of soccer on your website. Since we had to move after having worked on this DREAM for over a year, it is wonderful to see our dream becoming a reality. Also being able to see all the students doing the sports of their choice is such a blessing. I always knew that Lincoln was a special place and the town supporting our students even when we were told that soccer would never happen shows just that fact." - OLIVER family, former residents of Lincoln.
"By the way, I enjoy the "good news" on the website and try to check that out regularly. Nice to see that good things are happening for a change!" - Lincoln, ME
What an awesome web site you folks have, I'll be "visiting" often!! You and Lee must work 24 hours a day - your site is really fantastic plus all of the beautiful photos that you take which must take time! Do you two do all of this work or do you have some help? - Old Town, ME
"I love the new picture on your home page. What stepladder did you stand on to take it? (Just kidding.....it's a wonderful view, one I see nearly every day.) Keep up the good work. If I have money left from vacation (how do retired people take "vacations"?), I'll send along another donation."- Lincoln, ME
"I love the online pix of the MA Boys' 9/20/08 Soccer Game. Of course, I am predisposed to like them since one of the players is our son, -----------!" - Lincoln, ME
"Great job with our sports, as usual. Thank you." - Lincoln, ME
"Thanks a lot for making Howland a part of your very nice area web site. It's really nice and informative. I particaly like your photographs and sports sections as well as news and Lee's column." - Howland, ME
"Your love for our country showed through again this week as we, and you too, remembered 9-11. Thank you." - Lincoln, ME
"I love being able to access your web site anytime I want, and I really enjoy all the wonderful photographs you both take, especially the scenery around the area. My sister in Ohio can't believe it's so pretty up here.... Keep up the good job." - Howland, ME
"We had a great time out in Springfield this past weekend. Now, we can see your great photos too on your web site and the one you do for the fair out there. Keep up the good work you guys." - Chester, ME
"I see you are already starting to get into the swing of things with your high school sports pictures already. And, some of your recent photos of the day have been very good. We enjoy your site...." - Lincoln, ME
"My wife says your news stuff is getting better but I told her you weren't trying to be a internet newspaper. She still likes what your doing. I do too. Why not expand?" - Winn, ME
"What a wonderful way to display this area....... I've only lived here since last spring, April, but I'm already proud to tell my friends in Vermont about my new town through your web site. It's really nice... - Lincoln, ME
(Re: Photo of Day 8/14/08) - "Super, awesome, and other superlatives for the photo of the day today! I know, I know....beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but this eye beholds an extraordinary photo." - Lincoln, ME (THANK YOU)
"Love looking at all your pics. Love the back rds. pics. Thank you! " - Raymond, ME
"Thank you for featuring areas on your web site other than just Lincoln proper. We love it!" - Enfield, ME
"I saw your website, you have some great pictures on there. That camera is really very nice."- Chicago, IL
"I have been enjoying your site very much. I found the church in Burlington on your nearby towns catagory but nothing on it does anyone now if this was the church Joseph Gowen was pastor? GGG Granddaughter to Rev. Joseph Gowen." - Elaine Hohenstein
"PLEASE say it isn't true!? I've heard you may cut back on our high school sports pictures this year because of lack of business support. Everyone I know loves what your doing with our teams. Is it true?" - Lincoln, ME  (Unfortunately that may be the case this school year unless things improve advertising wise.)
"Your Lincoln web site is, in one word, OUTSTANDING!" - Bangor
"Your coverage of Homecoming events was outstanding. Regarding the picture of the pastor; How about this caption "Isn't He Cute"." - Lincoln, ME
"Our family couldn't make it down for your homecoming this year, but because of your web site, we were there. Thank you so much! Very nice job." - Island Falls, ME
"Thanks so much once again this year for your super coverage!"- Shelly Crosby, Lincoln Homecoming 2008 Coordinator, Lincoln, ME
"You have a small group of fans down here where I work! We go to your site every day and love photo of the day and Lee's tidbits, are the favorites and sports in the winter is nice too. We all say hi and love your pictures of your area."- Portland, ME
"Tremendous job..... I sat down to look through your site for only a few minutes and before I knew it forty-five minutes had passed. Please keep it going."- Lincoln, ME
"Your coverage of this year's Burlington 4th of July was great! Something we've come to expect from you and Lee......"- Enfield, ME
"Just got through viewing the slide show. Looks like everyone had a grand time! I especially liked the picture of the girl holding the rabbit and I loved the antique fire truck! Thanks for bringing the Burlington 4th of July to someone 200 miles away!"- Kennebunkport, ME
"Thank you both for the wonderful work you do to give Lincoln and the surrounding towns a life both for today and for the past. Your site continues to be the very best website for a locality that I have ever seen." 7/4/08, Alan H. , Cape Elizabeth, ME
"Your photo of the day today (Tuesday July 1) is just WONDERFUL. What a lovely picture." - West Enfield, ME
"I checked out the "toons" (on your) site. GRAND addition. We all need a good laugh each day."- Kennebunk, ME
"Thank you for putting the little league pictures on your web site. Many of us parents, and some of the players to, are glad you did!" - Lincoln, ME
"I have been living in New Hampshire since 1989 but Lincoln is never far from my mind. Keep up the wonderful work."- New Hampshire
"That Mt Jefferson Ski Area- nice site ! And that Springfield Fair site really looks attractive to me. I'll be up there in Northern Maine again sooner or later."- North Carolina
"I find it hard to believe that the both of you do everything on your web site! I find it very comprehensive and also very well done. My compliments."- Lincoln, ME
"I realize you depend on advertising revenue to keep this fantastic site online. Doesn't say much for the business community here when they largely don't support a promotional site like yours (but we do notice a couple new ones). Many communities would be quite envious........ Your basketball coverage was really nice. Everyone we know loves it-please stick with it!" - Lincoln, ME
"Found your town on Google. Very nice."- Watertown, MA
"Your picture of lilacs in Tidbits today is lovely. Keep up the work on the site; it gets better every day. Lincoln would have to pay megabucks to get equal advertising!" - Lincoln, ME
"I just wanted you to know how much I have been enjoying your web site! It is among the best I have seen. I especially liked your History Of Trans Alpine." - Washington State
"Lots of good memories of Lincoln. It's prompted me to schedule a visit this summer." - Brimfield, MA
"I just discovered your site a few weeks ago and you provide a great service, not only for the residents of Lincoln and surrounding communities, but for former residients as well. I enjoy so much looking at pictures of the town and reading your updates. Someone there should write up a feature about you and the great service you provide for everyone associated with Lincoln." - Orlando, FL
"Yours is one of the better web sites I've come across of this type. Was in Lincoln in the early 1950's and it seems to have changed quite a bit. The hunting and fishing up that way was really good...always enjoyed the ladies too! "- Hartford, CT
"I really like most of your baseball pictures." - Lincoln, ME
"Surfed through your web site during lunch this noon. Fantastic."- Kennebunkport, ME
"Keep the sports photos coming - we love them." - LINCOLN, ME
"Great job........... Thank you for your pictures that are very nice. Your history section is very interesting too."- ENFIELD, ME
"What a nice way to show off our town. I'm impressed and I know others who are and hope it continues. We like seeing timely happenings which you seem to do more frequently........"- LINCOLN, ME
"I personally love your website and Lee was very helpful in ours getting started." - Kingman, ME
"FANTASTIC!! Never realized what a sharp professional web site we had here in Lincoln. It's bookmarked for sure......and I'm telling all my friends you can be sure of that."- Lincoln
"I just read the interview that Lee did a year or so ago, and am impressed....... I spent about 2 hours looking through the site and I must say I like what you both have done. ....and you make our area look nice. I'll be back more often now."- Lincoln Center, ME
"I remember when Lee was doing his radio show on the Lincoln station. I'm glad you incorporate some oldies information in the tidbits column. I think you do a very nice job with your sports pages too."- Milo, ME
"Having long been interested in Lincoln from a historical point of view, I thoroughly enjoy your historical pictures of the town. Although I have copies of the Fellows and Edwards histories of the town, am truly enjoying Asa Clay's history of the area. As each section comes out, I am retyping it into my computer and then adding pages in the addendum containing further information on the farms, pictures, genealogical information, etc. connected with Mr. Clay's writings done over seventy years ago. Thank you for providing this very valuable record for those of us interested in the town's history. " - Cape Elizabeth, ME
"Many people from everywhere get a glimpse of this area from your web site..... You put out a good picture. Thank you. Can we have more animal pictures?"- Lincoln
"Thank you very much for your local sports coverage."- Enfield,ME
"Loved today's (March 31) Photo of the Day-ROFL!! - Lincoln, ME
"I just wanted to let you know that you have a great web site. It looks like Lincoln would be a great place to live and raise a family! It looks very beautiful from what I can see from the site. A lot of different things to do, but it still has that small town charm. My family and I will be taking a trip to R.I. to visit family and friends this summer, maybe we will take a ride to Lincoln and check it out. Again, great site. Keep up the good work!!"- Pete Hartmann, location not given.
"All I can say about your recent sports coverage is- Nice Work!"- Enfield-ME
"Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Your pictures of our local area basketball teams are just fantastic! Really so nice to see." - Lincoln, ME
"Thanks "Northern Maine Land Man", for the great website link promoting Lincoln! Looks like a real nice area, with amazing natural beauty."- Phoenix, AZ (via Lee,ME)
"A retireing military family is coming to the area partially because of your site. They want their son to attend Lee Academy..... Keep up the good work."- Lee, ME
"I have to write and tell you and everyone how impressed we are with your sports coverage of the tournament in Bangor this week. Our family went to see the boys and girls games today then we went out to eat. As soon as we got home I turned on my computer and went to your sports section and was totally surprised!!! You had the game results and hundreds of pictures already on your web site. Boy, you folks are quick and good. Thank you!! And my wife says she's impressed too." - Lee, ME
"Your coverage of the MA tournament games is FANTASTIC so far! Love your sports pages. Thank you."- Lincoln, ME
"Your history section is really nice. We're working on our historical society now up here but probably won't ever have such a nice web section like yours. Very nice!"- Millinocket, ME
"We're so glad you expanded your local sports coverage this winter. Nice pictures and no waiting several days to see any! Can't wait for the tournament pictures because I can't get to the games."- Lincoln, ME
"We come up to Lincoln 3-4 times a year. Really love the work you put into the website. It is fabulous and fun!!! " - Raymond, ME
"I went to your web site after talking with Lee at a ball game in Bangor. It's really nice, and I particularly like the wildlife and scenic pictures you present. Well done." - Hermon, ME
"Your basketball pictures are FANTASTIC! There's so many.........." - Lincoln, ME
"It's really nice to see businesses giving back to the local community. It's reassuring to know hard working honest people like you and Connie live and work in our town, you're an asset and also happy 20 anniversary."- Lincoln, ME
"You guys have an awesome web site and I really hope you can get some (more) sponsors so we can always have the site. "- S.W., Lincoln, ME
"A picture is worth a thousand words I've heard, and your coverage of our local basketball teams certainly bears that out. I attended a game for the first time in years after looking at your pictures this winter on the sports page of your Lincoln web site. Boy was it fun!"- Lincoln, ME
"Looks very nice. The town should be proud. Great job." - Lincoln, ME
"I have to tell you that I'm ADDICTED to your Photo of The Day! If I don't go to it first thing every morning I just don't feel right..... does this go away?"- Lincoln, ME
"I was just wondering if there are any JV game pictures on your site. I've seen you at the JV games and just wanted to know if you put any of those pictures up.
Thanks!"- Lincoln, ME
"Of all the local photography sports sites I've seen over the years in the New England area, I thought this was one of the best, if not the best I've ever seen. The Rands have really set the bar. I've always loved high school sports especially basketball. The action sports photos are extremely well done - www.lincolnmainesports.com has a permanent bookmark in my browser!"- Manchester, NH
"I would like to conduct some research upon my next visit to town. Could you tell me what genealogical resources that your historical society contains in its collection?Also, I just want you to know that I just LOVE the quilts Connie. Thank you for your service to the community of Lincoln, Maine."- Bangor, ME
"...your site has some very, very nice things on it. I particularly love the old, world pictures, and the military of course is also a favorite (although I am extremely saddened by the services as are we all). Thanks again."- Wytopitlock, ME 
"I just wanted you two to know that I think your web site is very well done and is great tool for promoting your town. I know a number of people in the Lincoln area and they all say how nice you both are. Your hard work and the high standards that you have in conducting your business speaks well for you. I just felt I'd let you know as I'm sure there are many who feel the same way after viewing your site but they never tell you. Your sports coverage is quite good and I know of no town that has a section on their web site that covers that like you do. Great idea!" - Waterville, ME
"You have some real nice pictures on your web site, especially the sports pictures of the basketball season. I love basketball! I hope you can take pictures at the tournament in Bangor. Looks like a couple of the teams will make it....." - LINCOLN, ME
"We really enjoy looking at all the pictures you take at the high school basketball games. Any chance of you doing any rec league games this season? I'm sure the kids would love seeing their games on your web site too. Keep up the nice work." - LINCOLN, ME
"I finally got around to getting some "me" time and started on your web site after a couple months. Great as usual! I was so surprised reading your page "Nice News" and seeing our Wisconsin couple story. Keep up the fabulous job on the web site." - DUNBAR, WI
"A most amazing web site for such a small town........ Your sports section is excellent and the photography is very good considering how hard it is to do. And I do enjoy looking though your history pictures and stories." - Ellsworth, ME
re: 2007 Year In Review. "Excellent." - Lee, ME
(re: "A Lincoln Maine Christmas" DVD) "We are new summer residents of Lincoln and have never seen it in winter. Looks great. You all certainly have the Christmas spirit!" - GAINESVILLE, FL
"You're a Godsend! The Bangor paper hardly covers our area teams at all and locally we have to wait several days to see what happened. You have nice color pictures on your sports page within hours of the games. Fantastic! We love it. We know many others who do too so PLEASE don't stop."- Lincoln, ME
"You two folks are doing a great service to our area and you both are a fine example for our business community through your hard work, honesty, and love for the area. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to your web site and what you have in store for 2008!" - Lincoln, ME
"....and our best to you folks and the nice people of Lincoln, maine during the holidays and for next year too." - Ipswich, MA
"Lincoln, Maine looks like an real nice place to spend the holidays..... Maybe someday I'll be able to visit your nice town." - Des Moines, IA
"Thank you so much for publishing the holiday book "Christmas In Maine". It's really so nice. We hope you have a Merry Christmas too." - Millinocket, ME
"A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Connie and Lee. Your work on your web site has to be a labor of love-it's great!" - Lincoln, ME
"We like what we see of your little area in Maine."- Sioux City, IA
"I see you two are off to a good start with this season's basketball pictures. Looking forward to a fun season, thanks." - Lincoln, ME
"I think it's great you have scanned and posted Christmas in Maine. BTW we really enjoy your web site."- Charlotte, NC
"We really like your holiday sections......we're telling everybody we know."- Howland, ME
"You're doing a wonderful job again this holiday season. .....and we liked the fall pictures as well as your basketball ones. I hope to be able to give you some old photographs for your history section after the holidays are over. Most not seen by public before as far as I know." - Lincoln, ME
"Great holiday photos! Thank you." - Lincoln, ME
"Thank you so much for including the Penobscot Valley players in your sports page on your area web site. Many of us are quite excited about seeing your pictures over the winter. I even figured out how to download the schedules which is good for me. You both do a great job!." - Enfield, ME
"Cute Thanksgiving photos. Didn't realize you had that many of them (wild turkeys) up your way."- Newton, MA
"I'm counting down the days to your local basketball coverage. You two do are FANTASTIC job. ....glad to see you're covering a lot of the regular season games this year. I think we've got a few tournament contenders in the area...." - Lincoln, ME
"After watching your Christmas in Lincoln dvd, I'm so nostalgic for my hometown! I wish I could go back for the holidays but it's out of the question right now. But I have this wonderful dvd.... Merry Christmas!" - Newport, RI
"Your holiday sections are so nice......looking forward to this year's!" - LINCOLN, ME
"Got up this morning a saw you already had a story and pictures about yesterday's storm!! Couldn't believe it....... You're on the ball that's for sure." - Lincoln, ME
"Can you tell me if Cold Stream Pond in Enfield still has beach and swimming for public? I have seen many pictures on your pages of people enjoying Mattanawcook Lake, but when I was in high school in late 50’s my friends and I spent hot summer days at Cold Stream pond. My husband and I are planning to come to Lincoln the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I am very much looking forward to just walking around the streets of town and hopefully catching up with one or two old friends."- Waterbury, CT
"That Lincoln web site looks really nice. Great pix! "- Northern Georgia
"Nice job with your web site. Thanks for the field hockey pictures. Looking forward to basketball season and the pictures you take."- Lincoln, ME
"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is---------. My husband, and daughter, and I just bought a house shown on your "Old Photos" site. It's the old Booker family home located on Town Farm Road. We expect to make the move from Idaho to Maine in the latter part of November, and we're so excited!!!! We look forward to meeting you and all the fine folks in Lincoln!!" - Idaho
"The site looks awesome Lee. Thanks so much for the plug for the parade." - Cheri Archer, Lincoln Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce
"Enjoyed the pictures and comments on MA basketball. A great follow-up would be an article on Coach Bill Fletcher. Keep up the good work." - Orlando, FL
"I read your whole web site after I signed the guest book. I should have waited. The site is awesome and after seeing all the beautiful pictures, it made me want to pack my bags and get out there sooner. You are definitely in my "FAVs", and I will be checking it often. Keep up the fantastic work on your photos and web site. It makes me home sick and I only spent 1 1/2 weeks there."- Dunbar, WI
"Thank you for posting all the pictures of the Mattanawcook field hockey game." - Lincoln, ME
"Great sports coverage lately. Keep it up, and love your fall pictures this year......lotta turkeys it seems."- Lincoln, ME
Re Connie's Viewpoint Baxter Park photos: "These were simply MARVELOUS!!!! Great job Connie. I felt like I was there " in the moment". They were all breath taking! Thanks for sharing those photos. I felt like I was home! - Orlando, FL
"I'm a "Photo of The Day" addict!"- Lincoln, ME
"Killer photos of the recent Cross Country meet!"- Chester, ME
"We are really proud to be a part of the town that you have so nicely portrayed on the internet with your web site. It's wonderful! ........and we go to the photo of the day and nice news almost everyday......"- Lincoln, ME
"I saw your ad in a brochure I picked up at the BIG E in Massachusetts. I was very surprised to find that a little place like Lincoln, Maine would have such an outstanding and attractive website." - Providence, RI
"What a magnificent web site! I now live in KC but lived there for a number of years. Lincoln is not a place to get wealthy with a business like yours-unfortunately. I was aware of this years ago when my cousin's second wife who worked in radio sales in the area filled me in. You could probably make some money down in the Portland area but I suspect you would not like living there....... Actually the business community in Lincoln is fairly typical of New England...... A friend of mine in Rutland, VT had a similar problem about a decade ago with his radio station. Tons of people listened but he could hardly find any advertisers. Good luck though, it is a very nice web site. If I get up that way again, I'll look you folks up, in the meantime I'll visit the area online. You've got a great site and the potential and possibilities for it are endless, but just not up there." - Kansas City, MO
"The road trip is beautiful. You saw more turkeys than I did. " - Lincoln, ME
"Hi, I just wanted to tell you I just saw your website. My wife and I, my brother (who has passed now) and his wife listened to you all the time years ago, just wanted to say thank you for the good memories."- Dover-Foxcroft, ME
(re: Fall "Rod Trip" Photos) "It's right out there for the enjoyment of all and it is free! "- Chester
"Heard about your web site from a friend in Springfield (ME). Impressed at how comprehensive it is for a small town like Lincoln. I must say you've done a wonderful job. ......also quite impressed when I learned it was only you and your wife doing everything. Lincoln should be proud."- Rochester, NY 
"Glad to see you starting to cover more local sports events. Nobody does it better!, you just don't do enough of it...... "- Chester, ME
"Overall I have to give your web site a 5 Star rating (5 being tops). Everything is top notch and VERY interesting. You have a nice town up there it seems."- GROTON, CT
".......and to find out the site was planned, created, and is maintained by people right from Lincoln, just you two, is nothing short of amazing. Such talent!" - Lincoln, ME
"Real nice letter from the fellow in Kennebunk. Thank you for putting it on the web site for the whole world to read. It was nice of him to send it."- Lincoln, ME
"We look forward to your photo of the day every day. And, we miss having tidbits every few days. Just about everybody we know visits your site so we're sure if you and your wife hang in there, the businesses here will finally come around. We mention it every change we get- we love this site!! Thank you for making it."- Lincoln
"Greetings from the west coast. Never been to Maine but it sure does look appealing. Looking forward to your fall and winter pictures and holiday events, last year's were really nice. Your Santa Claus looks like the real thing...... I've got to have one of your christmas DVDs. A New England Christmas seems so quaint, looking forward to viewing the disc."- Los Angeles, CA
"Thank you for putting the high school sports scores online. Can't wait for you to start taking pictures of some of the games - soon?" - Lincoln, ME
"We love your website!!! We're planning a trip up your way in November - how's the deer herd looking?"- Rockport, MA
"I hope you get a sponsor, or two!, for tidbits soon. Once a week IS NOT enough..... Also, we really enjoyed the video of the Burlington parade." - Orono, ME
"Hated to see Tidbits go to once a week. My wife and both visit that page the most.....ever thought of syndicating your column? .....hope it gets back to three times a week soon-once is just not enough!" - Lincoln, ME
"Thanks for the Christmas In Lincoln dvd, we love it. And, we're looking forward to this year's fall and holiday pictures on your site."- Howland, ME
"Real nice web site. Never seen such a complex and interesting web site for a small town like yours, or larger ones for that matter. Looks like a nice place to live." - Wellesley, MA
"As usual, I love the photos of Baxter Park you posted on "Viewpoint"! I appreciated them so much because I haven't been to Roaring Brook for about 10 years, maybe more. Just wanted to say thanks for the beauty!" - Cape Elizabeth, ME
"Got your web site address from a friend in Lincoln. He said this is what we need up here. After reviewing your site I have to say I agree! Any chance of you doing one up this way?"- Millinocket, ME
"My wife and I are retiring and considering moving to New England in the spring of 08 and would like any information you could send explaining all about your town....." -Peoria, AZ
"Took the bait and bought one of your Christmas DVDs, we don't get snow down here as you know. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! I could watch this all year long......wonderful job. Now I know what a real New England Christmas in a small town looks like. You will sell a lot of those...." - Naples, FL
"I was sent your URL by a friend who lives in Enfield, Maine, just down the road from you. Wow, I'm impressed with your web site and your town. Really nice. Just thought I's send a note to let you know....." - Burlington, VT
"I grew up in Lincoln, and I knew you by acquaintance as so many of us do. I'm doing a lot of writing, and your site is a true inspiration for writing about my birthplace. Thank you for managing it! - Albany, NY
"You two are doing a great job presenting your town and giving us all some interesting and informative reading! The town ducks you have.....are so cute! ...they can present a problem but I'm sure your Yankee ingenuity will come up with a solution. Keep us all posted! - Dayton, OH
"I know where to go to read great human interest stories about our area! That was real nice of Connie to donate that picture to the historical society. They've done a great job preserving things and the school." - Lincoln
"We might come to Lincoln just to see the ducks!! Looking forward to the next great story from small town America! Don't stop."- Philadelphia, PA
"I wrote to you last winter and you were nice enough to answer my question. I know you both by site....... I don't have a question this time, just a compliment- you really are doing a good job and I look forward to tidbits and photo of the day every day. Thank you." - Lincoln, ME"What a lovely area you live in. I don't know if we'll ever get up there, but we have your web site!" - Macon, GA
"Wonderful job you're doing up there. A credit to your area, of course you do have a lot to work with..... Way better than most town sites I've seen."- Saco, ME
"Sorry to read you're not going to grow into an online newspaper. Print newspapers are all but dead. Newspapers are nothing but a waste of money, resources, paper etc. I'm surprised anyone still pays for a newspaper. I like what little you're doing news wise though especially the sports. All in all your site's the best new thing going around here....."- Howland, ME
"We're looking forward to your local high school sports coverage this fall after the great job you did last winter with the basketball teams. Finally we all can see some nice timely pictures of the games you do. Please give some exposure to the new soccer team at MA? When's the next tree squeak adventure?" - Lincoln, ME
"I think I've finally convinced a bunch of us to come up your way this winter. Your web site helped!! Question: Is there any snowmobiling in your area the last part of December, and is there a snowmobile dealer/repair shop in town or nearby? Thanks." - Keene, NH
"I'm an IT professional and I've seen a lot of web sites.......your site for your Town of Lincoln is FIRST CLASS!!" - Bangor, ME
"You're ahead of your time with your Lincoln web site. We love it. Eventually the area business community will catch up, just hang in there. You two are doing such a fantastic job and you live and work right in our own town. Amazing is all I can say." - Lincoln, ME
"Keep up the good work. You two make a good team!!!!!" - Lincoln, ME
" Love your web site!! I loved to see the picture of you and the gang at the station, i've known Randy a long time , and it's hard to believe that Jack was once our police chief, and that I had a crush on Jenny..... by the way who is the guy in the back on that photo.... no name on the picture. I also remember Rick Gammon...about that same time I think...Boys do I feel old!! Keep up the good work!!" - Lincoln, ME
"I noticed you're promoting your Christmas DVD already. I've never been to Lincoln but bought one when they first came out because I'm a holiday nut! LOVE IT!! Maybe I'll get up to Lincoln someday, but if I do, it'll probably be during the holidays. Are your tree squeaks around in the winter?"- Newport, ME
"We all think what you're doing with the Lincoln web site is just marvelous. ...surprised to see you both at this week's jamboree....please come again. You're to be commended!" - Lincoln, ME
"Thanks for mentioning the Gardner boy and his award........ He's a real nice kid." - Lincoln, ME
".....your new news ticker is a nice addition!"- LINCOLN, ME
" Very nice web page for your town. It truly is a beautiful colorful area, a lot of New England is I'm finding. I probably will never get to Lincoln let alone Maine, in person, but I think I'll visit Lincoln a lot if you know what I mean!! btw love your tree squeaks.."- EAST ORANGE, NJ
"Your Lighthouses of New England quilting book arrived today. What a beautiful book! I will cherish it. Your service is very quick! Thanks." - Southbridge, MA
"You know you're raising the bar as far as coverage of area events is concerned don't you? Burlington, Mattawamkeag, and Lincoln festivals just in the past 3 weeks! Being a sports fan I think your basketball coverage last February of the tournaments was nothing short of great. I hear you plan to expand that if you can get advertising- I sure hope so. We are lucky to have your web site, and I know others who agree so we hope you're around for a long time with this web site. The idea of a nice news section is a good one......and, I really like Tidbits....." - Lincoln, ME
"Why doesn't someone do something about that big building you have on your main street that is an eye sore? Some of your really good pictures are ruined by that building. I just had to mention it. Love your web site, and am really looking forward to your fall and winter photographs this year. What a beautiful area up there." - Portsmouth, NH
"Browsing through your town web site and came to your stories about some interesting people. Those three you write about are very interesting for sure. .....you may just really have the real Santa Claus up there ...." - HANCOCK, ME
"Your pictures this summer on your Lincoln maine web site are well worth the price of admission. Oops, it's free- that IS a bargain! Excellent job. I hope you continue......"- Laconia, NH
"I wanted to write to let you know that because of your promotion on your web site about your celebration this past week, we decided to go up to Lincoln Saturday instead of over to Belfast. And, we had a fun time and, yes, your red school house is so quaint and nice! You convinced us and we're glad you did. Thinking about next year, or even later this fall...." - ELLSWORTH, ME
"Loved your photos of Lincoln's homecoming. ........wonderful job! Looking through your Lincoln web site we realized that there's pictures of so many things-how do you do it all? Please don't stop, we love your site!!"- ENFIELD, ME
"Went to a lot of this year's Homecoming events then came home and looked at the same events on your web site! Had a lot of fun and you guys must have too. Lincoln is so lucky to have such a nice website. Any treesqueek t-shirts planned? I want one!" - LINCOLN, ME
"Everyone in Lincoln, and you, did a fantastic job for this year's homecoming celebrations...." - MILLINOCKET,ME
"Your coverage of our Homecoming is looking good..... A+ so far!! " - LINCOLN, ME
"Great pics of Riverdrivers. Thank you very much ...." - LINCOLN,ME
"Outstanding website!" - BREWER, ME
"Thanks for all the work that you have done on your website for Homecoming! I've received some calls and folks have appreciated having the info..." - Shelly Crosby, Events Coordinator For Town of Lincoln
"Your photographic coverage of the events in our area is beyond compare at this point. It's amazing how you two put your web site together since I know you have other jobs you're doing. Great job, and we thank you so much..... your 24 hour a day news ticker was a good idea... And, while I'm at it, what's your secret to seeing a real live tree squeak? My daughter wants to know." - (summer resident) Lincoln, ME
"I was just checking out the photos from this years 2007 (Wiffleball) tourney and wanted to say they look great. Thanks for stopping by and for giving us some space on your terrific site." -Mark McCafferty, Co-Tournament Organizer
"Lee, hey there . . . new to the area of Lincoln - just moved up here from Chicago ........... (live) in Springfield. Anyways I've been staying in touch with your website, it's nice, I like how it stays up to date and has the info on upcoming events, like . . . this weekend!" - Springfield, ME
"We love your pictures. The Lincoln area is sooo colorful. It must be a wonderful place to live....... Love to visit someday." - Chelsea, MA
"...enjoy homecoming every year. Your pictures and schedule are so nice to have... I downloaded your schedule so I would know when and where things were going on next week. Thank you two!"- Lincoln, ME
"Hadn't been to your site in quite a while...... Can't believe all the stuff you have on it! I'll have to check back more often." - Winn, ME
"Really enjoy your website. Learn a lot about the town there. "- Lincoln, ME
(Referring to our new News Ticker on News & Stuff page) "It works on dial up.......you may know already.........but I am pleasantly surprised. Looks good. " - Chester
"UFO's in Lincoln!! You guys are too much..... Great coverage of the 4th in Burlington and we like your new News ticker. Looking forward to your Homecoming pictures. Wish we could be there, but through your web site we can be...." - Saco, ME
"Wanted to just say hi and that you're doing a very nice job presenting our town." - Lincoln, ME
"Fantastic job on the Burlington parade yesterday. You 2 keep getting better all the time! What's next?" - Lincoln
"You have some very moving pictures from Saturday's procession that brought back our area's fallen hero. It was a wonderful tribute having all the area public safety departments involved, as well as the military. Thank you . . ." - Lincoln
"Your comments and coverage about Sgt. House have been very kind and thoughtful, and are much appreciated. Thank you for not exploiting this tragic loss. We agree with Lee's comment that we're all members of the House family at this time........ God bless you both. ....our prayers are with the House family." - Lincoln
"The photos in today's photo of the day of the painted rock was a nice gesture for the Joel House family. What a tragedy this war is taking on all our friends and families lives. Think of all the young men and women endangering their lives for our country. God be with them all. ........the photo of Care Ridge was nice." - Lincoln
"On our way to Nova Scotia we stopped for the day in Lincoln........ It was pretty much as you portrayed in your web site. The pizza at your Pat's was great and before we left we had a very nice meal at the restaurant beside Wal-Mart that also was on your web site. .......the red school wasn't open much to our dismay but it looked cute..... We may try to come again during your homecoming next month." - Ellsworth
"Boy you're fast! Just got home from the ball game and you already had your pictures with a brief story of the game on your sports section, couldn't believe it! Nice job......." - Lincoln
"Been meaning to send you a note for a while now since your basketball photos. Want you to know I think it's great to see some pictures of news and things without waiting a week or so to see it elsewhere. Please do more...." - Chester
"We really love your web site about town. Really nice job....... Connie's photo section is nice too, and Tidbits certainly brings back some memories as well as being entertaining at times....not sure about the video version- it was cute though and we realize it was only a test. We're both glad you're doing more news and sports....photographs are really good. ..... checking in every few days to see what's new!"- Lincoln
"Boy, that was quick! wew just got home from the graduation and you two already had photos of the ceremony on Good News section. Couldn't believe it......just getting better everytime we look." - Lincoln
"Thanks for the fun trivia....... Hope the weather up there in Maine starts looking more like summer soon. We are in the thick of it here in NC. " - Raleigh, NC 
"Your Photo of The Day today (6/3/07) is just perfect! Great picture of the vietnam wall that is in town this week. I hope you make it available...a lot of us veterans would buy it I know. God bless you!" - Lincoln
"Thanks for getting wet with us and taking pictures of the parade yesterday. My kid is in one of the pictures!" - Lincoln, ME
"Nice web site you have up there. Been a while since I've been to Lincoln.....I can see a lot has changed...." - Orono, ME
"Lee - While your pictures are functional, interesting and history in the making (and my weakness is history!) - I think you and the Little Red Schoolhouse better get ready. Connie may be taking center stage. Wow! Great pics!" - Lincoln, ME
Connie's View Point is going to be a hit!! I took a sneak peek and enjoyed each photo and explanation so much. - Chester, ME
"I know there's more that twenty one businesses in the Lincoln area. Why aren't more of them on your web site? Strange that the local merchants aren't jumping on this- we love it but we live 45 miles away and don't have a business! Stick with it you two- you're doing a fantastic job as far as we can see...... Connie's new section is going to give you a run for your money Lee. Seriously, the wife and I like what we see and we love the music trivia in tidbits..." - Hampden, ME
"Saw you've taken the basketball pictures off your sports section. They were really nice......thank you for covering Lee Academy's team too. Hope you do it again next year. Great job!" - Winn, ME
"Yes, I love Maine and ----- has sent me the website. I just love it. Great job." - FL
"I look at your web site EVERY day! I miss my hometown........ I'll e-mail you some more pictures." - Lexington, OK
"I love your references to oldies . . . And I'm dying to get out of the city in the hot summer that's why I'm looking at your lovely country." - Miami, FL
"Thank you so much for providing the information about the Moving Wall that's coming to Lincoln. Your web site is getting better all the time, we hope you continue it." - Winn, ME
"Congratulations on your web site being honored with an award from your Chamber of Commerce. You deserve it! I hope your town realizes that you both with your web site are an asset to your community." - Brewer, ME
" I'm a professional photographer in Florida. I came across your web site as I was surfing the internet. I was, I have to say, stunned! Your web site is fantastic and your photos are marvelous! Couldn't believe a little place like Lincoln, Maine has such a professional attractive site. I'm obviously impressed and wanted you to know......and your recent award is certainly well deserved..." - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"Congratulations! You really deserve the award you got from the chamber of commerce recently. Glad to read about it...... Noticed you have your black fly percentages on now, I can do without them." - Lincoln
Re: Guest Book Entry -"I agree with (the folks) from FL. The website is great and the photos are fantastic!! Very impressive. Thank you." - Lincoln, ME
re: Chamber of Commerce Award -"Very Nice! Congratulations. " - Chester, ME
"It's about time you two got recognized for the great job you're doing with this web site. Congratulations!" Lee, ME
"Congratulations on your award for your business. You certainly work extra hard and it shows! (my sister) sent me the link for your Nice News! I'm so happy for you. Your quilts are breathtaking. I just love them." - Orlando, FL
"I hope you realize what an asset to the town your web site is."- Lincoln, ME
"PLEASE publish your Tidbits more than once a week. I love it!" - Lincoln, ME
"Enjoyed your site immensely...." - County Donegal, Ireland
"I like what you guys have done. It's nice to know that my relatives from Conn. can visit this site and see how much beauty is here."- Lincoln, ME
"Really nice web site. I like the animals....... If I ever get to Maine I've got to come to Lincoln!" - Moscow, ID
"Excellent job keeping this up...." -Lincoln
"You have such a lovely town up there...... We hope to spend some time in your area this summer."- Skowhegan, ME
"You folks are doing a marvelous job. You have a wonderful web site for our town...."- Lincoln
(Re: Our story on George Worcester)-"What a nice story on ole George. We have Santa come to our Xmas party at the 'ridge each year. Santa is and always was a very nice man. The town is so lucky to have folks like him around. Very nice job on you folks part getting the hi-lights out for all to enjoy." - Lincoln
"Lee, I always enjoy Tidbits. This one had a great ending. It is such a shame that in our PC world, Jesus gets bashed or buried while the other religions are promoted. Thanks for the lyric from one of my all time favorite Gospel songs! "- Cape Elizabeth, ME 
"Today's pic (Photo of the Day) is definitely in my favorites pics." - Lincoln
"Please keep up the nice work on your site. I enjoy surfing through daily. The old photos of Lincoln are so interesting. Love the site...you are doing great things to promote the local area."- Lincoln, ME
"I've been reading your tidbit section for a while now. I love it! especially when you talk about oldie music. Years ago if you can remember you used to have record hops all the time at the old Heritage Motel in Millinocket. Are you ever going to do them again or are you retired? I hope you will. Wife likes tree squeeks too." - Medway
"I am a county boy but have lived all over the world through out my career. My family and I recently decided to purchase a vacation/retirement home and ultimately selected a property on one of Lincoln’s wonderful lakes. We currently live in Korea and are anxiously waiting to visit our new home in Lincoln. Your Web Site has been awesome for providing insight on how beautiful the area is and how happy/anxious we are to return back to Maine and become part of your community. "- Korea
"Lee, good luck getting an over 50 baseball team together. Lincoln has always had good players. ....if I lived close enough, I would join. Its important for people as they age to stay involved in exercise ...... I loved your photo of the day of the moon over Mattanawcook---very moody!"- Southern Maine
"I hope you expand your web site to cover more of the surrounding towns. .....like your positive slant...... There are a number of people up here who visit your site fairly often!" - Millinocket, ME
"Well I didn't see the ufo that day but my daughter says she saw one at 4 am on Sat. the 24th over Edwards Street but by the time she woke her husband it was gone. Well she too is looking for someone else who saw it." - Lincoln
"I don't know how much your town is paying you, but you should ask for a raise!! Your site just keeps getting better and better.......the idea of Nice News is, well, nice. ......I'm hooked on the Jewels game on your site." - Dover-Foxcroft, ME (Editor's note: We do not receive any money from the Town of Lincoln. All our revenue from this web site is from area businesses who have the foresight to see that promoting our area is also promoting themselves.)
"I had fun reading your Lee's Tidbits. The reason I got there was because I am looking at a property listing in Lincoln through (name deleted). I decided to do a search on Lincoln...and pow there you were. You hooked me with your rock n' roll references. I love old rock. "- Miami, FL
"Keep up the great website. I visit often to see how my old hometown is doing." - Raleigh, NC 
"Very nice basketball pictures you have on your site. You folks certainly do a great job promoting your town.......a lot of work it would seem. I was in Lincoln several years ago for your celebration in July......"- Ellsworth
"We are currently living in Saco but wish to purchase 5 acres or so (less rather than more) and do an environmentally friendly home...perhaps a wind farm. I keep trying to find the local realtors ...." - Saco, ME
"Hi, I really like your site. I am looking at possibly buying waterfront property in the Lincoln area. We enjoy boating, fishing and quadding." - Connecticut
"I hope you expand your sports coverage. The color photos are really nice to view......photo of the day is one of our favorite sections of the Lincoln web site." - Mattawamkeag, ME
"Great memories on your site. I was born in Bangor, we lived in Lincoln (dad's hometown) prior to moving to orono (Talmar Wood) in very early 70's. then on to Old Town where I graduated in '79."- Bangor
"Picked up one of your Snowmobile trail maps at the Lincoln club house recently....very useful. ...and found my way to your town website. Very nice! And wish our town had one like it." - Old Town
"I saw your pictures today of Lee's championship game.......and, they're marvelous. Tell the Lincoln credit union and Raymond's here in Lee - Thank you!"- Lee, ME
"Kudos to you and Lee for the great effort supporting the MA & LA teams! That is what makes a community special. Your website is such a great link back to the old hometown."- Cape Elizabeth, ME
"Outstanding! Second to none! What more can we say about your basketball coverage at the recent tournament in Bangor?"-Lincoln
"Thank you for including our Lee Academy in your recent sports coverage."- Lee, ME
"I have to agree that the picture you chose for your photo of the tournament was a very good choice. And, my wife agrees so I know you picked the right one!" - Lincoln
"Thank you for putting the pictures of our game on your web site." - A student at Lee Academy
"Nice job at the tournament. So many pictures.....we liked a lot of them especially the one of the girl with her head in her hands and the hand reaching out to comfort her. We're gonna miss our senior boys next year..... I'm optimistic though"- Lincoln
"Thank you, thank you! for publishing the Lee Academy basketball pictures. It means so much to a lot of us..." - Lee & Springfield
" We think that picture of the MA player with her head in her hands is a classic. They sure played their hearts out. Please make that one of your "photos of the day" that you do?"- Lincoln
"Nice little story about the Lincoln basketball teams on your sports page. You two are doing a nice job."- Lincoln
"Your web site has taken local sports coverage to a new higher level - FANTASTIC. The internet is the future........we're all really impressed."- Lincoln
"I was told about your sports section by a fellow photographer. Very nice! And, the Lincoln area looks really nice too."-Waterville
" Thank you so much for having a great site about my beloved home town. I was born and raised in Lincoln but I don't get to come home very often. I love being able to go to the site and find out what is going on. I am currently living in Texas and miss the snow from time to time. Please get to feeling better. I will be coming home in April and was wondering if there was anything going on at that time. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful site and keep up the good work." Houston, TX
"You did a great job with the basketball photos from Saturday's games. I've been e-mailing and calling everyone I know to go to your Lincoln web site to see them!" - Lincoln
"Just one word describes your photo coverage of this year's tournament games - GREAT!" - Lincoln
"Thank you for the pictures of this year's basketball games in Bangor. Please leave them on your web page for a while...."- Lincoln
"My family will be coming to Lincoln in July for a family reunion, and we were trying to find out if we can get a temporary fishing license for while we are there. Some of the kids are under 16 and then we have adults also. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated." - Leesburg, VA (Note: The appropriate contact information was e-mailed to them.)
"Really nice pictures of yesterday's Lynx basketball games in Bangor. We got home last night and you had hundreds of them on your Lincoln web site already-couldn't believe it......we're in one of the photos, too. They were real good games.....you gotta do more sports cause nobody else does much these days." - Lincoln
"I want to thank you for doing a great piece on the model show. It is great, thank you." -Lincoln, ME
"This web site has come a long way since I first came upon it last year. Very informative, colorful, and fun to go through. You and Lee are doing a great service to your town and this area. Connie, I got a copy of your quilt book, it's very nice. What's next?" - Howland, ME
"You do know I'm sure that there's a radio station up here. Have they ever asked you to do your oldies show up here? They'd be crazy not to IMHO!
.....you do a great job with your web site...."- Millinocket
"I just went to Lee's Tidbits today and was sorry to read that he is ill. I enjoy his column a lot. He is so funny. The entire website is so nice....you both should be very proud of it. I hope he is doing better and will be feeling well soon. "- Orono
"I checked out the Lincoln Web site. It is nice and I loved looking at the photos. - Lincoln
"Great photos of the wrestling!! My two sons had a ball. We'll go again if they come back. A fun evening....." - Lincoln
"We're looking forward to your pictures from Bangor if our teams make the tournaments. I think it looks good. Thank you for letting us know about the wrestling coming to Lincoln. I think we're going to take the grandchildren, even though we know it's not real. We think you and your wife do a real good job on the internet."-Lincoln, ME
"My family is interested in history and we like your section on your Lincoln web site. It's one of the better "local" sites we've come across. Keep adding to that section..... history is important." - Medway, ME
"We read the "good news" article about Ellery Dow's birthday and enjoyed it
very much! Nice job."- Chester
"This web site just keeps getting better. I can't believe all the information you have in it! Superb job showing the world our area. I remember the ski area on the hill.....don't have any pictures myself but would like to see some - good luck."-Lincoln
"By jeeze that was fun. I went over about half the stuff on there. You sure enough know your Rock 'n Roll. I put your site on my favorites, see ya later."- Dundalk, MD
"You have a very nice town up there. The web site is very informative. Good job!" - Scituate, MA
"Very interesting photo of the day. American made cars (wages and benefits for American workers) with the backdrop of the economic engine of the Lincoln region (wages and benefits to area workers so they can buy one of those cars). In America we have allowed too many manufacturing jobs to be shipped overseas and too much of our capital to be invested in foreign countries. Now we buy cheap foreign goods and run up huge trade deficits and we wonder why our economy is so bad! Your comment in Tidbits about buying, insuring, and financing your new car locally has the same important message about support for the local economy. " - Southern Maine
"My family enjoys your web site so very much..Great job.." - Lincoln
"Found your web site when I was searching for Lincoln, Nebraska! Actually, I'm glad I did, it's a very nice site and I've seen a lot of small town sites - yours is one of the best. You're to be commended. Never been north of Portland, Maine and that was a long time ago. After viewing your site over a couple of evenings, it's a sure thing, if I'm ever up in Maine again, I'll try to visit your town........ Christmas up there seems like a fun time!" - Alford, MA
"My mother-in-law sent us your Christmas DVD last summer with instructions NOT to play it till Christmas Eve - so we didn't. I wish we had!! What a wonderful video to watch during the holidays. Although we go to Lincoln every few years we've never been up there at Christmas time. After watching your DVD and seeing the area events on your web site that may change! Merry Christmas!"- E. Hampton, CT
"Went to your web site to order the quilt book of Connie's. While there I decided to look around a bit. I couldn't believe what a great site you have! It's entertaining, informative and obviously professionally designed. I never expected a small town like Lincoln would have such a fine web site to promote itself. I am impressed to say the least. I intend to visit your site every so often, and although it's been many years, I hope to actually visit Lincoln again in the near future. I'm telling all my quilt buddies too......" - Hampden, ME
"Your photos of Christmas in our town this year were outstanding! And, thank you for all the work that you're putting into the whole web site. On a humorous side note, I noticed on the Christmas section that you asked folks to patronize the businesses who helped by sponsoring that section. 2 thoughts- there should be more (I know you'll agree with that :-), and, the humorous part- one is Clay's Funeral Home. I got a chuckle out of that and I'm sure Hervey would too! Merry Christmas Lee and Connie and keep up the good work." - Lincoln
"Got the url for your town site from a friend in southern maine. I agree with him that your site is really nice. I'll have to make it a point to stop through on my way to Houlton some time. Good job."- Provincetown, MA
"Your Christmas photos really helped make our Holidays. Can you take more up this way?" - Mattawamkeag, ME
"What a wonderful website! Christmas up there looks like so much fun. I was up there in the 1980's to Cold Stream. Town looks different from your pictures. Glad I found your site." - Kenduskeag, ME
"Love the Lincoln web site - it's nice to visit every now and then. Merry Christmas!" - Astoria, NY
".....and your coverage of this year's holiday events around town is EXCELLENT. I don't know if you're getting the recognition you certainly deserve, but I'm spreading the word about your Lincoln web site. Photo of The Day is my favorite section but I really enjoy the whole site..........tried one of the recipies, too."- Lincoln Center
"Your Lincoln Christmas DVD is definitely going to be a part of our holiday celebrations EVERY year. We love it!! You both are very talented and Lincoln is lucky to have folks like you. Your web site is amazing, and we both find Lee's tidbits column interesting. Any more tree squeak stories soon? We've been e-mailing your web site address to everyone we know....... Merry Christmas." - Lincoln
"Lee (and Connie), I am not much of a computer expert (use it only for email and genealogy). But I AM a big Lincoln, Maine fan, and your website is wonderful! I check it often. Love the pictures, most of the tidbits, and good news. Would like to see more interesting people. I think you are doing a commendable job in promoting what Lincoln has to offer to a wide, wide audience. Keep up the good work." - Lincoln 
"I am trying to map my way up from Lewiston, Maine to Cedar Lake. Is there a (snowmobile) trail that goes to Cedar lake? Appreciate your web site!" - Lewiston
"My mother LOVES your Christmas in Lincoln DVD. She saw it on Channel 5 on Cable. She talked about it so much I'm buying her a copy so she can watch it AFTER the holidays!!, and, next year too. I think it's nice too, but she's obsessed with the pictures."-Lincoln
"Are you folks thawed out yet? Great coverage of our Christmas parade." - Lincoln
"Your web site is just WONDERFUL! The photography throughout the pages are very nice. I've sent the address to our son in New York. The town has something to brag about. Thank you Lee and Connie, and Merry Christmas......."-Lincoln
"You've done a very nice job representing your area on the internet with the web site you created. I hope it stays. Northern Maine needs positive publicity and that web site certainly fills the bill." - East Millinocket
"Your coverage of the holiday celebrations in your area is very nice. It looks like the people in Maine really enjoy the season. Although I've never been north of Boston, I'm ordering your Christmas dvd, I think it'll be fun to watch at Christmastime. The history section included in your web site is also very good and interesting.My wife likes the scenic pictures and my two year old is fascinated with the "tee sqeeks". I can tell there's a lot of work involved in producing a site as inclusive as yours. I'm sure I'll surf in again soon!" - Darby, PA
"A CLASS ACT!!. Everything you two seem to do is first class. This web site is a perfect example. We've seen a lot of your work and must say it's all quality stuff! Why do you stay in Lincoln?? My wife says it's because you love the area, which from viewing your Lincoln web site makes sense. We both like your moose drawings, and your Tree Squeaks are "interesting :-). Merry Christmas to you both." - Veazie
"Very nice web presentation. Wish we had one like this up here. Our "greater" area really is beautiful throughout the year. Can you expand your site to cover the Millinocket/Mt. Katahdin area? PLEASE! We're telling all our out of state friends about your site! We LOVE it!!"- Millinocket, ME
"Love your Santa pictures on the Lincoln website---great work as always!" - Somewhere in Southern Maine
"After some hesitation I ordered your 2 DVDs - I'm glad I did! We love them both, and the Christmas one will definitely be played at our house EVERY year. Great idea...thank you. - Lincoln, ME
" My husband and I are interested in moving to Lincoln. We are currently in Etna, and though the surroundings are quite beautiful, it is too rural for two city folks. (We are originally from NY and then moved to AZ for 12 years.) I found your website and thought "this is what we are really looking for". " - Etna, ME
"My family is from Lincoln. My great grandmother's house is on Lakeview Street. My grandfather moved his family, which included my dad at the grand old age of 3, to Virginia since it was the first place he could find work. My family name is "Clough". I have family still in Lincoln ....... I haven't been to Lincoln since 1987. I think that was way before Walmart was there. I can't wait to bring my family to Lincoln. Lincoln has a very special place in my heart."- Ranson, WV"Today's (Wednesday) photo of the day is real nice. Thanks for letting us know about the Christmas parade being rescheduled.".- Lincoln, ME
"Looking forward to your pictures of our Christmas events here in town. My husband and I LOVE your tidbits section! Happy holidays to you both and keep up the nice work you're doing on your web site." - Lincoln, ME
"Glad to see you folks up in Lincoln have the Thanksgiving/Christmas spirit this year. .....check onto the Lincoln web site at least once a week to see what's going on....enjoy very much. My mother lived in Winn for a while 30 years ago........was a small town around Lincoln if I remember right. Merry Christmas to you all up there!" - Hampden, ME
"We can't wait to see this year's holiday pictures from your town. Last year's looked nice......not much snow here. We have Christmas celebrations every year which are nice too......try to send a photo to you. Merry Christmas to you folks and your neighbors!." - Americus, GA
Re: Gillmor's Restaurant Story- "That is a great story. Thanks for putting it out. It would be good to offer prayers of praise and thanks on their behalf." - Lincoln
"Thank you so much for your nice news section on the Lincoln web site. Very nice to read." - Lincoln
"Have you considered making a photo of the day calendar? You could pick twelve of the best and make a great local calendar. " - Chester, ME
"Great site, by the way!" - Bangor
"Your history section seems to keep getting bigger........and the old pictures are so interesting... I'd like to see some more of the old schools like our old Mattawamkeag high school. If I can find some of ours, I'll let you know. Thanks."- Mattawamkeag
"You've done it again! Your election coverage was timely and concise- just what I've come to expect from you two. Great job, and, thanks." - Lee, ME
".......sending an email to tell you about how I love your daily tidbits and the “Your Photos!” page." - Enfield
"I must say I'm very impressed with what you've done with your Lincoln web site. As you know, my business has an ad there......I can't for the life of me figure out why a number of businesses I know ARE NOT on your site. All I can say is we're glad to be a part of it." - Lincoln
"Found your site through "Dogpile". We've never been north of Portland, Maine before. Now you've given us something to consider. PS. The squeeks aren't real, right?"" - Webster, MA
"We followed your web site ever since we found it on Google last spring. Wonderful job. Our kids LOVE those little Tree Squeaks! After viewing a number of pictures of your one room school, we're glad you put a section on about its history. We hope to visit Lincoln in the near future and look forward to going through the schoolhouse we've seen so much of. You do your town proud!" - Auburn, ME
"Hi! In my usual daily perusal of your wonderful website.... By the way, pass on to Lee how much I loved the dusk picture of the mill---great photography! "- former resident now living in Cape Elizabeth, ME
"Your web site is great!, my wife and I check in every morning!" - Lincoln
(re: "Town Hall" section) "Excellent idea, well done!! " - Chester
"Also a great job promoting the Lincoln Historical Society as we are members of that, and it is a very good cause. We enjoy your web site a lot and are return visitors often, especially the book you're doing." - Lincoln
"Congratulations on achieving 100,000 hits on your Lincoln web site. You've done a fine job with this site. I hope you get the support you need (and deserve) to keep it going....there's a lot of potential there." - Lamoine, ME
"We want to thank you for your work through the internet web about our Lincoln area. You do a very nice job. My daughter thinks the Tree Squeaks are cute..." - Lincoln Center
"I now realize I had many misconceptions about northern Maine....it's lovely! I'm going to try to visit......" , - Trenton, NJ
"Your site is wonderful!" - Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
(re: Tree Squeaks): " why don't u both come in with Mr. and Mrs. Rand in the morning to MCDONALD's. I'd love to see both of u. Your friend, (name)" - Woodville
"Very good coverage of LP & T last week. You've scooped the "print media" pretty good a couple of times lately! .......as for us, we hope you plan to expand your local coverage of events. Can we expect more?" - Chester
"You should go national with your Tree Squeaks.........so cute." - Island Falls
"Simply put, we really enjoy your web site!" - Howland
"I too was at there dedication ceremony at LP & T last week. Thank you for your coverage in your Nice News section of the Lincoln web site. I like the way you report on events with the photos too. I hope you can do more. It's always nice to be able to read/see about things in town when they happen, or just after as you do! Lee has a unique way of writing.... that's a definite compliment." - Lincoln
"What a nice way to showcase your town and let the "world" see how beautiful it is. It seems like a nice place (to) bring up a family. I enjoy the polls, Tidbits, and the pictures the most. The history sections are quite informative I think. Hope the Rands are getting enough support to keep it going....shame if it was discontinued.."- Albion
(Re: LP & T Dedication)"Good write up on your website!" - Lincoln
My sister gave me your Web site address. The pictures on it bring back a lot of memories for me of Lincoln. They are beautiful pictures!" - New York State
"What a nice and interesting web site you've created for the town. Seems to be improving every time we check in....." - Lincoln
"....glad to see you're putting in some news once in a while. Keeping it positive is a good idea. Connie seems to be a very talented lady......." - Lincoln
"I'm addicted to the Jewels game you have on this Lincoln web site. Every time I want to quit, it gives me more bonus points! Enjoy your whole site very much." - Lincoln
"As a local history buff and family genealogist, thank you very much for making Fellows' History of Lincoln available to the entire community. A recent search to Barnes and Nobles last week indicated only one available copy - for $120.
To your online customers: Because this $120 price range is not for the common Lincoln folk looking at winter gas prices, etc and one book would be owned by one person, I challenge/suggest everyone enjoying, downloading or reading Fellows to contribute a donation ($10, $25....) to Lee and Connie. Without them, we would not be able have such easy access to Fellows and a piece of our common hometown history.
Again thank you. I am among those who owe you."
- Dottie Harding, Lincoln
(As much as we'd like to answer e-mails such as this on-line, it is our policy not to do so, but we certainly value EVERY comment e-mailed to us or registered on our Guest Book.-Lee & Connie)
"You two seem very talented...... Never been to Lincoln but we're coming up in October to see the color - you've convinced us! You do a good job of showing off your area......" - Prospect
"We've been visiting (the) Lincoln web site for almost a year now........keeps getting better. Felt (it was) time to write and show you our appreciation. You do a very nice job of presenting our town." - Lincoln
"Thank you so much for giving your support to those of us who are currently serving. I have my lap top with me over here, and check in to your site daily. Look'n good, dude!" - Somewhere in The Middle East
"Can't believe I have "web site envy". Wish
we had a web site like this up here......." - Millinocket
"I return to your site often and thoroughly enjoy the journey. On reading Lee's (Tidbits column) this evening, I went to the pictures of the dedication of the Lincoln Veterans Memorial and what a wonderful set of pictures you offered. My sister told me about the work on the monument and the dedication, but it was so nice to actually see the pictures. Am anxious to get to Lincoln in a few weeks to actually see the monument. Your website is a valued addition to maintaining the story of Lincoln. Please keep up the good work. It is always a thrill to return to my hometown after of all these years of being away." - Southern Maine
"Lincoln's best kept secret(!) won't be after I get through telling everyone I know about this FANTASTIC web site! Great coverage of the Veterans Memorial. DON'T STOP!...we think this is just what the area needs....." - Lincoln
"My mom told me to check out your site and look at the (veterans) memorial dedication. Very nice. I knew the wall was done, but did not know for sure of the dedication. My son and I would have come up to it, since my name, and my younger brother's, is on the back side of the wall. My son is a Marine, of almost 3 years, who has returned recently from Iraq, and came home to Hermon, to do recruiting for a few weeks. He has always loved Lincoln, all three of my kids have. They were born there, and we come up as often as we can. We all make it home especially for homecoming. I looked at the site on Ashley Webster. It caught my eye. He lived next door to my family for many many years and visited our Dad the day before he died.
My family always will think the world of Ashley. He has been a great neighbor and friend. We were sorry to see him move. Great pictures. I remember him in those younger years. It brought back memories of him and his wife, Ruby. Thanks." - Hermon,ME
"A definite plus for our area and you're to be commended for producing this first class web site......it's the future." - Lincoln Center
"Just wanted to say that I check in on your site every now and then and it really is like a mini trip home.... I love the pictures around town... keep the blog and news coming!
Thanks for putting this site together and keeping up with it. " - "Lincoln Girl" Location Unknown
"Just wanted to let you know that I really look forward to and enjoy looking at your photo of the day. " - Lincoln
"......and absolutely love the web site....have followed it along and you both have done a great job." - Lincoln
"Site looks great!!! Keep up the good work." - Lincoln
"Please realize that many more people than you know appreciate your site!!"-Lincoln
"I was recently on your website to show my mother the wonderful tribute you had on your site for John (Weatherbee)........ You have found a way to bring the people to Lincoln a
"Thank you for making the book "History of the Town on Lincoln" available to the public.  I look forward to reading the next 10 pages each week, so again, thank you Lincoln Maine FCU and Rand Advertising." - Lincoln Businessman
"...haven't been back in 15 years. Watched your dvd of Christmas pictures in 85 degree weather, it was sooo nice!"- E. Hartford, CT
"Your web site is TERRIFIC! Your town must be proud......." - Orono
"Great pictures! It certainly looked like a tornado went by my trailer last night,(and) right on up the road." - Lee, ME
"My wife & I are planning on a visit to Lincoln, (will need) a motel or hotel ......." - Endicott, NY
"You have a very nice web page - I am from that area...and thank you for the chance to see what I remember about the town. I was up there for Homecoming week....thanks again." - Unknown
"I know you folks and nice work you do....... Can you put information on about neighboring towns too? Really enjoy looking at it." - Howland
"After viewing your site (a couple of times!), our family is pretty much convinced we should drive up there and see your town for ourselves..... looks so nice." - Trenton
nd Lincoln to the people!!!!" - Lincoln
"Your web site is extraordinary-great job!"-Lincoln
"I've taken some time and browsed your site and I must say, AWESOME JOB! I thoroughly enjoyed the many pictures you have on the site. I was particularly interested in the older historical pictures. ......... I found it educational. (Who would have guessed that the doughboy monument was turned!) " - Lincoln
"Love this site..."- Lincoln
"I was just going over the website that you and Lee do. It was really amazing. I enjoyed seeing all the MAINE photos and again was looking at your quilts . . ." - Florida
"Just received little book (Our Little Book of Lincoln, Vol. 1), it is delightful. I moved away in 1964 ........." - Waterbury, CT
"We're convinced. Your pictures of Lincoln's festival helped us decide to try to make it up next year. Seems like a fun time. Like your nice news section too." - Hermon
"Connie, must be an adventure living with Lee! He seems to have such a sense of humor!" - Orono
"We looked at your web site in school and everybody liked it." - Milford
"Just had to write to thank you for the Nice News story about our soldier from Chester. And, the pictures of homecoming were wonderful!" - Lincoln
"Your site is becoming addictive. Keep up the good work.....enjoy the Lincoln history sections and book you're serializing."- Lincoln
"I stumbled quite by accident (but have bookmarked it permanently) on your new site. I'm amazed. It's like seeing my whole childhood all over again. I'm a 1958 graduate of Mattanawcook Academy now living permanently in The Netherlands. As one gets older one has a tendency to think more in terms of the "good old days". With the help of your site the good old days have suddenly found new life. Before my traveling days are over I hope to visit Lincoln one more time.
Many, many, many thanks," - The Netherlands
"So glad to see my hometown has such a nice website. We enjoy it....hope to visit again soon."-Springfield, IL
"Nice web site. Found it on Yahoo....You have information about so many things related to our town. Congratulations......." - Lincoln
"Wow, nice pictures from the Riverdriver's Supper tonight. And, so efficient you two. Pictures online not long after we got home and so many. You're to be commended...." - Lincoln Center
"(re: John Weatherbee) Whether one agreed or disagreed with his politics, he will be a BIG loss. Can't wait for Connie's quilt book.....printing off Fellows' history. " - Lincoln
"This site is FANTASTIC!! Don't stop - please! I just googled it and couldn't believe it........and, only the two of you making it is amazing." - Lincoln
"Thank you for the wonderful tour of Lincoln. I am planning a weekend soon and can't wait to visit. Your detailed town descriptions made the decision of "where to go" easy. I search areas of Maine online as I'm hoping, some day, to buy a house or a building lot for a permanent move and this is the best web site that I've seen. This is also one of the nicest towns that I've been able to look at online." - New London, CT
"Thank you so much for your nice web site." - Olamon
"Enjoying everything about your site so much. Looking forward to Homecoming, the pictures that is. ...hope to make it up next year.." - East Hampton, CT
"Thumbs up!" - Lincoln
"We just want you to know that we check out your Lincoln web site just about EVERY day!" - Lincoln
"This web site is FANTASTIC!! We love it. Now that we know it's here, we'll visit often......" -Springfield (summer residents)
"After viewing your web site this spring we decided to swing by on our way to Connecticut.......Nice beach in town. That Pat's Pizza (we printed out some of your web site so we'd know where things were and could see them!) was really good. Nothing like that back home.......the red school was really nice to see but was in the midst of some repairs it looked like......thought you might want to know." - Grand Bay, NB, Canada
"Impressive! You've done your town proud." - Stockton Springs
"Great job. I hope you two can keep it (this site) going-this area needs something positive to show off...."- Lincoln
"Thank you for providing a "Your Photos" spot. Mike Libby has some wonderful photos. This gives him, and others, an opportunity to show off his talents. Great Job, Mike! Hidden talents... I'm impressed." - Lincoln
"Hey, was looking at some pics on your website again tonight , and the site is much improved with the banner menu. Can't wait to see it on all of the pages!" -Rhode Island
"Lee and Connie, this (www.lincolnmaine.us) has gotten off to a strong looking, successful start. You are gaining in readership daily. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.
For Mattanawcook Academy alumni, teachers, classmates and parents of same - another small, fledgling site to check out is http://members.localnet.com/~birdsong/
Its goal is to establish a contemporary, informal avenue for Lynx people (old and new) to contact, share and communicate with one another - privately and/or publicly. Let classmates know what happened to you, where you are and/or, if you want, how to contact you.
Again, to the Rands, keep this Lincoln site flourishing!!! "
- from Lincoln, an M.A.alumni
"Great job with homecoming for Lincoln."- Enfield, ME
"The photo of that little girl helping her father hold up the American flag at a baseball game was precious. Thank you!" - - Howland
"OUTSTANDING web site! Very impressive. I'm sure this is a great promotional tool for Lincoln. Not many towns have a site like yours....." - Bangor
"I think it is great that you're promoting our area the way you are but where are all the local businesses?? I think I saw only a dozen or so. I love the history sections and the pictures. Tidbits is growing on me! Keep up the good work you guys."- Lincoln
Concerning our Lincoln Flag Day coverage in the "Area Events" section: "Nice photos. Thanks."- Lincoln
"Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your web site. The photos are beautiful and it’s so nice to feel so “in touch” with Lincoln again. It will always be home to me—and that home is now the Subway sandwich shop on West Broadway! I have visited your site many times and just wanted to say hi and tell you how much I enjoy it." - St. Louis, MO
"The site is just wonderful. I feel like I'm there when I'm reading about the town and looking at the terrific photographs. Thanks for all your work on the site. It's fantastic! " - Florida
"I am a Maine native, living in Orlando, FL now, but I visit Lincoln, Maine frequently..... We see alligators that sunbathe on our back yard near the lake. So, you can understand it when I tell you I love to come to Maine to see the moose, deer and all the wildlife. It seems that in Lincoln, you can see it all. I miss Maine. It's the way Life Should Be!" - Orlando, FL
"Website looks great!" - Lincoln
"I am a Lincoln native who moved away in 1989. I have been checking out your site and noticing all the changes that have taken place over the years since I moved away. I was reading one of your columns and you mentioned George's Pizza. Their pizza and sandwiches were so awesome and I haven't found anything that even comes close now... your mention of George's Pizza brought back a memory to me. My grandfather's phone number was one digit different from George's (2700 vs. 6700) and we used to get calls from people who were trying to place orders for subs and pizzas. He would answer the phone with just a hello and people would give their order without verifying that it really was George's they had contacted. He'd let them place the order and then tell them they could get the food - as soon as they hung up he actually called George's. Have a wonderful day and weekend, I'll continue to check out the web site for more 'tidbits' and updates." - Amber M., MA Class of 1984
I stopped in Lincoln on a day off work one time in 1977 and swam at that beach in town - clear cool water, think about that now and then as one of the best swimmin' holes in the world. Thanks! - Maryland
"I have just discovered your site - it is wonderful! J. W. ....P.S. I live away and this makes me homesick." - Location Unknown
"Hey, just wanted to thank you for the great pictures of the dryer - you said they'd be up later on your site, and ...voila!!!! here they are!"
Ann F
"Just got on your site for second time and it is fantastic! Keep up the good work...very interesting web site. Good luck!" - Lincoln
"I'm writing today to let you know how much I appreciate "Lee's Tidbits"!!!!! I love it for the insights as to what is going on in Lincoln as well as your sharing bits relating to the wonderful music of our era. I would not have known about the P & G (Peter & Gordon) reunion except for your mention. Keep up the great column; it keeps a Lincoln native from "downstate" connected!" - Cape Elizabeth, ME
"Your photos remind me how far the town of Lincoln has come(since the fire). I enjoy your site." - Lincoln
"Your Lincoln website is terrific. I know what work is involved in setting up that professional type of site." - Dover-Foxcroft
"The article on Ashley Webster was very well done. Thanks for posting it." - Bangor, ME
"I have been enjoying your beautiful website. Lincoln was such a great town to grow up in. No matter where I have lived in my life, my heart has always been in that small town." - Orono
"This is GREAT! Didn't realize how nice this web site is until I finally sat down and spent some time on it. You two have done a fantastic job - DON'T STOP!! I'm going to spread the word about your site. Thanks so much!" - Lincoln
"What a gorgeous site! I book marked it........I love your site. Just beautiful!!!!" - Northern Maine
"I check out the photo of the day most every day." - Lincoln Center, ME
"I really enjoy your photo of the day page. I try to check it out every day. Thanks for the photos, keep up the great work!!!" - Lincoln
"Great job on the nice news. "- Lincoln
"Great promotional web-site for your (or any) area. As a businessman, I'd be advertising on your site in a minute if it was in my marketing area. You two are on the right track. Ever thought of moving to Vermont?"- Burlington, VT
"We would like to make use of some images from your website." - London , England
"I love your website!" - Columbus, Ohio
"I've enjoyed visiting your Lincoln website over this winter." - Kittery, ME
"Having just finished a LONG budget hearing, I decided to sit back and visit my hometown. You have done an amazing job with this new website. Thank you for spotlighting our hometown in such a wonderful way. I just ordered the Christmas 2005 DVD and will love spending time watching it. Congratulations on a beginning that is both attractive and informative. Particularly enjoyed the history section (of course!!)." - South Portland
"I am thoroughtly enjoying your site. I check it out daily to make sure that the daily picture changes every day! I'm a genealogy bug and history buff so today's "new"(history page) pics have caught my attention. Keep up the good work." - Lincoln
"Was born and lived in Lincoln many years - its just like going home. Great Job." - Cincinnati, Ohio
"I enjoy your 'Photo of the Day' and usually check it every evening. I grew up in Lincoln but haven't been back in several years." - Ellensburg, Washington
"My family and I are looking forward to travelling to Maine this summer from Moncton. .. ... looking forward to visiting your town." - Moncton, New Brunswick
"I love the site. I check it out daily." - Lincoln
"Just wanted to let you know that I really look forward to and enjoy looking at your photo of the day. Thanks for the slide show!" - Lincoln
"What an impressive Web site - a lot of information and very detailed. Keep up the good work!! " - Lincoln
"Just spent the last 30 minutes visiting your new site on Lincoln. All I can say is "WOW!" What a great view of Lincoln!
I grew up in Lincoln, living in the big house right behind Marc Dufresne's place on School Street. My dad was Frank Delle who built, owned and operated WLKN on School Street and Park Avenue. 
I really enjoyed viewing the old photos of Lincoln's buildings . . . I just think what you've done on this site is wonderful." - Marc Delle, Orlando, FL
"I wanted to thank you for your donation of the Lincoln Christmas 2005 DVD to the Lincoln Historical Society. As you said, it is a record of history in the making. The pictures are wonderful and your choice of music fits with them perfectly. Again, thank you for remembering us." - Karla Rutherford,
Secretary, Lincoln Historical Society
"Oh My! I lived in Lincoln until I was 18. I love your web site. I love the photos!!" - Cincinnati, Ohio
"Your website looks great. I usually check it out a couple times a week. "- Lincoln
"I fell in love with the town after seeing your Web Site. I go to it just about every week to see the beauty of the area I hope to retire to some day." - Lincoln (one of these days!)
"I've enjoyed browsing your site for quite some time. Congratulations on such a great site." - Newcastle
"Your quality website shows the best use of the Internet. You two have done an outstanding job." - Lincoln
"I have visited the site several times and it is great. Keep up the great work." - Boston, MA
"I enjoy your site very much, keep up the great work." - Lincoln
"The photos of the (Christmas) trees at Colonial look awesome..." - Lincoln
"Great. Nice web site by the way, I like the 'nice news' and the schedule of (holiday)events." - Lincoln
"Nice to be able to visit Maine, even if it is only over the Web." - Indiana
"I enjoy your “Photo of the Day” feature a lot. Thanks – keep up the good work." - Location unknown
"Hi, Just tuned in to your website. I enjoy everything about our town. Thank you." - Lincoln
"I think your website is awesome!" - Lincoln
"The Lincoln site - what a great site it is! You and Connie have done a marvelous job." - Lincoln
"Great website! I really enjoyed it." - Lincoln
"I called Lincoln home for many years and graduated from MA in 1983. I moved away when I joined the Air Force right after I graduated. Although I live in Georgia now, Lincoln will always be home. Thanks for the website – I’ll check it often. The pictures bring back so many memories." 
"Your site is beautiful and does a great service to the town and the area." - Lincoln
"I just went on your website of Lincoln. What a great idea. I had so much fun traveling through your site! You certainly put a lot of time and effort into showcasing the excitement that is all around us. Thank you for doing such a great job. I have bookmarked the site and will visit it often. Your work is appreciated!" - Lincoln
"I love your new Lincoln site." - Beaver Cove, Maine
"I’ve been checking out your photo of the day. Nice website!" - Lincoln
"I live in Lincoln and I love the site you've made! I have friends all over (even in England) and I plan to tell them about this site so they can see what a beautiful place I live in. I'll be checking back for the fall foliage photos."
"Lincoln is beautiful, great photos and thanks for the pumpkin recipe. Don't take it for granted folks, you've got it made. Thinking about moving to the city? DON'T. You have a little bit of heaven where you are . . . " - Caribou
"The (fall) photos are beautiful... the fall is so wonderful."- Bishop's Falls, NewFoundland
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An excellent pictorial of the Lincoln community. - Lincoln
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"Great site! I have lots of out-of-towners I would like to show this site to......" - Lincoln
"Absolutely terrific website!!! As someone who grew up in Lincoln (MA ’69) and left 35 years ago, you have made me sooooooooo homesick. If this doesn’t attract people, I don’t know what will. My wife and I are talking about making the 20+ hour trek from Ohio. You guys do great work – keep it up!"
"My wife and I visit Lincoln at least twice a year and will be retiring to the banks of the Penobscot there in a couple of years. Your new website has truly captured the essence of the Lincoln area. Great Job!" - Warrington, PA
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