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Where are we?

Where are we?


How far is it to Lincoln?
Remember that old joke that says, "You can't get there from here"? That's certainly not true of the Lincoln area. We're only a day trip away from many Maine attractions, such as Baxter State Park near Millinocket and Acadia National Park in the Bar Harbor area. You can stay here and travel in all directions.
Lincoln is served by Interstate 95, U.S. Route 2 and Route 6, which goes to the Canadian border. We have an airport and there's also a seaplane dock in the downtown area on Mattanawcook Lake. One of Lincoln's borders follows the Penobscot River for 19 miles.
Here's a brief profile of Lincoln, Maine compiled from the latest statistics we could find (August, 2008):
The current population is approx. 5,600. The property crime and violent crime levels are both much lower than Maine's average level. 54% of the population is female with the rest being, of course, male! 98% of the population is "white". The median age is 40.7 years old. The median household income is $30,800. The unemployment rate generally runs between 7.5- 8%.
Lincoln is 220 feet above sea level. There are 13 lakes that are within the town limits. Some say 14, because part of Cold Stream Pond is in Lincoln. The area of Lincoln is 76.8 square miles. Lincoln serves as an economic hub for about 25,000 people living in the surrounding towns. Nearby towns are: Millinocket - 22.7 miles, Howland - 11.5 miles, Milo - 24.6 miles, Old Town - 30.4 miles, and Bangor is 48 miles away.
The table at the bottom of this page will give you an idea how far we are from some points of interest. The distances are approximate.
Lowest Gas Prices in Bangor, Lincoln
Maine Gas Prices provided by GasBuddy.com
If you have a small plane or a seaplane, you can land at Lincoln's airport.
Lincoln's West Broadway is part of U.S. Route 2.
If you're traveling through Maine, take some time to stop here!
Greg Richard lands his plane at Lincoln Regional Airport. Photo by Mike Libby.
Early one Sunday morning
Those of us in Lincoln always look forward to seeing the "birches" on I-95 to tell us we're nearing home! Here they are on a cloudy day in early October. Click on the photo to see a larger version.
Lincoln's Public Safety Building at the corner of Adams and Main Streets houses the police and fire departments.
However you get here, we'll be happy to see you! Please drive carefully, and we'll see you soon.
Out for a ride on a beautiful summer day, two motorcylists enjoy the scenery.


One of the signs that welcomes people to Lincoln. If you like water, you've come to the right place. Not only do we have 13 lakes, we have some of the best drinking water anywhere!

Lincoln is approximately this many miles from:

Augusta, ME  120
Bangor, ME  48
Bar Harbor, ME  95
Baxter State Park  55
Boston, MA  305
Calais, ME  77
Chicago, IL  985
Fredericton, NB  159
Hartford, CT  395
Houlton, ME  80
Kittery, ME  230
Lewiston, ME  121
Los Angeles, CA  2708
Millinocket, ME  34
Moncton, NB  263
New York, NY  515
Nashville, TN  1143
Orlando, FL  1358
Philadelphia, PA  624
Plymouth, MA  324
Portland, ME  178
Presque Isle, ME  109
Providence, RI  355
Washington, D.C.  624



A boat dock has been provided on Mattanawcook Lake in downtown Lincoln. There is also a seaplane dock on the lake near Prince Thomas Park.