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Lincoln gun show draws a big crowd

September 22 - The Lincoln (ME) Gun Show drew large crowds this morning. The 2-day event had lines of gun enthusiasts waiting at the door at its 9 am opening. Inside were 25 tables where guns and paraphernalia of all kinds were bought, sold and dickered for.  The event, sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce, is the first gun show in Lincoln in recent memory. It was the brainchild of Chamber Director Traci Gauthier. The exhibit will run through 2 pm Sunday afternoon at the K of C Hall in South Lincoln, on Route 2. For a slideshow of the event CLICK HERE.
UPDATE: Approximately 400 people attended today's show. If you weren't able to attend today, the show will also be open Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm!
- Lee Rand 

New Howland bridge is now open!

September 21 - The new Howland bridge is officially open today. About 150 people witnessed the event this morning. The old bridge will be taken apart, with work starting on that "shortly" according to officials.

Candidates set for town elections

September 21 -  The final slate of candidates for the town's upcoming elections for RSU #67 School Board and Lincoln Town Council is now set, according to Town Clerk Shelly Crosby. A number of potential candidates who took papers out did not return them. There are two seats open for Town Council and three for the RSU #67 School Board. The town council candidates are Sam Clay, David Whalen and Mathew Berry. For the 3 School Board seats the voters can choose between Delores Phillips, Mary Plourde, Katie Clay, David Edwards, Garland Hurd, Jeff Schick and Gilberte Mayo.

All candidates are welcome to submit a brief bio and statement of why they're running to the Lincoln area website by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll publish those on www.WelcomeToLincolnMaine.com as we receive them.

- Lee Rand 

The Bowers Mountain Wind Project Meeting

September 21 - On Thursday First Wind held a meeting at the Carroll PLT town office to discuss the revised plans for the Bowers Mountain Wind Project. The revised plans are to be submitted to the Department Of Environmental Protection in the fall of 2012. Although attendance was low, the First Wind presentation was very informative for those on both sides of the issue.

With information both displayed and verbal, First Wind provided information for all questions and concerns about the Bowers Mountain Project. The revised plans with reduce the towers from twenty-seven to sixteen, providing more space between the towers to lessen the visual impact on residents and visitors. Along with the reduced visual impact, other benefits would be reduced taxes for the residents of both Carroll and Kossuth and a small amount to the year round residents of the area, plus both area towns would receive a yearly amount for the local area projects.

State representative Beth Turner (R) and a resident discussing the First Wind Project

State Representative Beth Turner (R) Maine attended the meeting to listen to the community residents about their concerns and questions .others in attendance was local and business people from the area.                               

First Wind will submit the revised plans to the Department of Environmental Protection in the fall of 2012 more meetings are planned in the future to discuss the concerns and questions about the Bowers Mountain Wind Project. Project is expected to be completed by 2014.

- Story by freelance journalist J. Miller

- Photos by Suzanne Belanger


RSU #67 budget election results from Lincoln

September 18 - The RSU #67 budget failed to pass in Lincoln today. The official results for the Town of Lincoln only are 175 yes and 219 no. The budget passed in Mattawamkeag 29-20. We'll bring you the Chester results as soon as we receive them.

October 13th!

-Lee Rand Photo

September 18- You'll be able to get your sandwiches at the COFFEE POT CAFE on October 13th. They're located in the former "Pit Road Diner" location on West Broadway in Lincoln.

Veterans remembered on Route 2

September 11 - Most of us realize how important the sacrifices of our veterans are to us. We keep the memories in our hearts, and sometimes the names of those who served come up in conversation. We've all seen the statues and memorials with the names of local veterans in town and city parks. Finding a remembrance in an unexpected place is a special experience that makes us pause to think about the vast numbers of people who gave up part of their lives (or even life itself) for the good of us all.

This field of crosses, backed by Armed Services flags with the American flag in the center, is located on Route 2 in Lincoln between Sweet Road and the Chester bridge. A sign placed hear the crosses says, "A Veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America in the amount of up to and including their life. That is Honor. We should remember that." We should indeed. 

On Veterans Day and Memorial Day, most of us think of our veterans. This memorial urges us to remember them always.

- Connie Rand

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