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Lincoln's new "Business Friendly" sign dedicated

Left to right: LP&T HR administrator Kelly Eager, Chamber Treasurer Bruce Barker, Jr., Chamber Director Merri-Lee West, Chamber President Cheryl Russell, Chamber Executive Director Traci Gauthier, Assessor Ruth Birtz, Town Manager William Reed, Airport Manager/Public Works Director David Lloyd, James Vose.

July 24 - Lincoln is one of only two towns north of Augusta to be certified by the State of Maine as a business friendly community. Signs announcing this honor are being placed, with the first one on West Broadway near the Lincoln Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce office. Today Chamber and Town officials gathered to dedicate this sign. We're proud of our town, and hope this designation will help attract more businesses to locate here.

Below is a brief video of remarks made by Lincoln Town Manager Bill Reed.

LP&T facing large fines from FERC

July 18 - LP&T learned today that the Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) is seeking civil penalties and fines of almost $5 million. They allege in documents released today that LP&T fraudulently manipulated the energy market with its participation in a load-response program over five years ago. According to LP&T President and CEO Keith Van Scotter, these allegations are five years old and the mill has not had a conversation with FERC in almost two years. He also has stated that we "strongly dispute their findings". According to Van Scotter, FERC's proposal would ruin the mill. "We don't have that kind of money".

We will follow this development and publish updates to the situation as they become known to us.

- Lee Rand

UPDATE - We have received a Media Release from Keith Van Scotter, President and CEO of Lincoln Paper & Tissue:


"On July 17, 2012, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) issued an Order to Show Cause and Notice of Proposed Penalty.  The show-cause order alleges that Lincoln Paper and Tissue violated FERC’s manipulation rules by fraudulently overstating its normal electricity usage to maximize payments in an electricity demand response program administered by ISO-NE(New England grid operator).  These allegations are meritless and Lincoln intends to rigorously defend its actions.  FERC also issued show-cause orders to two other Maine based entities in the alleging similar matters.

In July 2007, Lincoln began to indirectly participate in ISO-NE’s “Day-Ahead Load Reduction Program, or “DALRP,” as assisted by another “enrolling participant” power supplier.  The DALRP program pays companies for reducing their electricity consumption below a “baseline” of normal usage.  Enforcement staff contends that Lincoln overstated its baseline and thus collected payments for demand response that it was not actually providing under the DALRP program over several months in 2007 and early 2008. 

For a violation to be found, FERC must prove that Lincoln intentionally committed fraud to overstate its normal electricity usage.  Lincoln had no such intent.  First, Lincoln had to calculate its baseline at a time when there was no meaningful guidance in the DALRP Rules, ISO-NE tariff, or FERC Orders regarding how to do so. 

Second, Lincoln’s baseline-setting methodology was legitimate and economically sound.  It in fact closely tracked the basic architecture of FERC’s own Order No. 745 on demand response compensation. 

Finally, Lincoln relied on and paid its “expert” enrolling participant for expertise and oversight about how to participate in the DALRP.  Lincoln’s enrolling participant, however, failed to provide any instruction or guidance regarding how to set a baseline during the baseline-setting process.  

Thus, it is unfounded to conclude that there was a “right” way to set Lincoln’s baseline, and that by departing from that “correct” approach, Lincoln engaged in fraudulent market manipulation.   Clearly, assertions of market manipulation do not make sense given Lincoln’s small size relative to the energy markets.

The show-cause order requires Lincoln to respond within thirty days with an explanation of why FERC should not impose the proposed fine.  Lincoln has several options with which to exercise due process and will work with legal counsel to choose the best. 

Lincoln Paper and Tissue is a small, privately held manufacturer of specialty paper and tissue rolls based in Lincoln, Maine.  The company employs 400 and indirectly provides employment to nearly 2000 in the region.  Lincoln was founded in 2004 and has succeeded in a very challenging environment through the hard work of an excellent group of employees and suppliers and with tremendous support from very loyal customers.  Lincoln is widely recognized for holding to the highest standards of integrity in dealings with all stakeholders and is very troubled by these meritless accusations, and therefore intends to exercise all of its legal rights to defeat them."

WelcomeToLincolnMaine.com Reaches 7,000,000th Visitor!!

July 18 - Connie and I are extremely pleased to announce that sometime this afternoon we had our 7 millionth visitor to the Lincoln, Maine, area website. This is another of several milestones we've passed since the website went online 6 years ago. The companion Facebook page is the most popular of its type north of Bangor with 3,560+ "likes", and the Smartphone and iPad apps are being downloaded all over the country and the world!

We want to thank all of the local businesses who've shared our vision and support this website through their advertising. Also, we'd like to thank the many visitors who've actually made personal donations in support of this website.

We plan to continue providing the Lincoln area with a professional, informative, and interesting presence on the internet - one that the people of our area of Maine can be proud of!
THANK YOU to every one of you who have helped make www.WelcomeToLincolnMaine.com the success it is!

Lee & Connie Rand
Rand Advertising LLC

PVH Saves $228,000 by Going Green

July 17 - MEDIA RELEASE - (Lincoln, ME)— Imagine the positive environmental affect of cutting over 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere? That’s what your local hospital has done. In an effort to cut energy costs at the facility, PVH partnered with Siemens Building Technologies Division in 2009 to implement energy efficiencies. Just two years after installing the upgrades, PVH has recognized $228,808 in energy savings!

“We are very pleased with the results of our energy upgrades here at PVH,” states Mike Legere, PVH Director of Plant Operations. “In the last year alone, we have avoided over $116,000 in energy costs, primarily from the addition of new lighting with sensors to shut lights off when not in use and replacing the boilers.”

The lighting upgrades and replacement of the boiler system saved the hospital over $50,000 last year alone. Maintenance staff at PVH worked extremely hard to retrofit existing light fixtures, lamps and ballasts with more energy efficient pieces. Many of the lights in the administrative areas now have sensors that allow a light to automatically shut off when no motion is detected after a few minutes.

The hospital also recognized savings from its Energy Management System (EMS) optimization. Siemens updated the existing direct digital control EMS which now provides automatic temperature control and monitoring functions for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit.

The hospital also achieved efficiencies with compressed air system improvements; temperature adjustments at night and on weekends; heating, ventilation and air conditioning replacements; kitchen hood controls; ozone laundry system; and hot water reset.

PVH even saw a savings of nearly $1,000 by setting vending machines on motion and temperature control sensors. A person wishing to purchase a soda or snack at a PVH vending machine must first wave at the passive infrared sensor to turn the equipment on from standby mode. While the vending machine is in standby mode, the occupancy controllers monitor the temperature inside and automatically repower the equipment at one to three-hour intervals to ensure that the products stay cold.

PVH Chief Financial Officer Ann Marie Rush adds, “The program has surpassed all expectations in cost savings. Since implementing the upgrades at PVH, we have recognized an additional ten percent in savings over the original plan with Siemens. The hospital is proud to say we are saving on energy costs and redistributing those funds for our patient services.”


According to a recent energy audit by Siemens, energy upgrades implemented at Penobscot Valley Hospital have saved the atmosphere from over 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide, equivalent to removing 85 vehicles from the road for one year. - Graphic courtesy of Penobscot Valley Hospital.

Dysart's in Lincoln in time for Homecoming 2012

It's a heat wave in Lincoln

July 14  - For the third day in a row temperatures in Lincoln, Maine, reached 90 degrees F or above, making it an official heatwave in town. This is the first of the summer. Weather forecasters are calling for at least one more 90-degree day, with continued high humidly for Sunday. Think January! :-)

Homecoming 3D fireworks glasses available!

The Lincoln Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce has purchased  3D fireworks glasses that they will sell during Homecoming in Lincoln. Several area businesses agreed to put them on their counters and help with this effort. Those businesses are Possibilities, Smarts True Value, Gillmor's Restaurant, Tibbetts Building and Fuel, Avanti Bridal, Daigle Oil and Tim Hortons. 
If you would like to assist your Chamber with this effort, please contact them at 794-8065.These special glasses will also be sold during the Homecoming Parade and prior to the fireworks show on Saturday, July 21. Get yours and REALLY see the fireworks!!!
- Lee Rand
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